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Animal Crossing Autumn DIY Recipes

Here are all of the recipe’s you can get during this season from shooting down balloons. There are 2 recipe’s at the end that do require Maple Leaves to create them. If you do not have Maple Leaves don’t worry! They arrive in the Northern Hemisphere in November and May for the Southern Hemisphere Here are the

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New Items in Animal Crossing for the Month of September

You are able to order all of these new items in the Nook Shopping App on your phone when you click on the Special Goods section and it will be under the Seasonal Tab! Grape Harvest Basket This Grape Harvest Festival is inspired by the festivities that are hosted in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

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Animal Crossing St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Items

I am so excited for the new St. Patty’s Day items! All the new items will be available from March 10th to March 17th! First up, there are the new items that can be found at Able Sister’s. At Able’s you will find the Shamrock Hat, Shamrock Shoes, Shamrock Suit, and Shamrock Sunglasses. Next, there

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January – Bugs, Fish, and Sea Creatures

📸: Nintendo Here are the new January critters for the Southern Hemisphere There are no new critters in January for Northern Hemisphere Fish Critter Name Location Time of Day Shadow Size (Fish Only) Blue Marlin Pier All day Large Napoleon Sea 4am-9pm Large Ocean Sunfish Sea 4am-9pm Has a fin Puffer Sea All day Medium

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Creating Your Own Designs

📸: ACPatterns and Nintendo Are you tired of creating designs on your Switch?? Well you’re in luck! I have found a wonderful website that lets you upload photos or make a design and convert them into QR codes. Below are the step by step instructions on how to do so. To do this you will

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Animal Crossing – Turkey Day Event

📸: Nintendo Turkey Day Event The Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event is almost here! I am super excited! Every event that has come out has been so much fun. With this being my first Animal Crossing Game I have enjoyed every moment of gameplay. I do not even want to say how many hours I have

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