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My name is Karen and I founded Vomit Media in 2021.about me vm

I started this website because I love talking to friends and family about something we just watched or a comic we just read. The joy I feel is indescribable when me and my friends/family come out of a movie and we just stand in the parking lot for an hour or so, talking (spewing) about what we just watched. Or even when we are out at dinner and we talk about a TV Show or Comic Book. It is all enjoyable and I love when we have differing opinions. It’s fun to argue them and to give each other a hard time.

Comic books are another passion of mine. I don’t really have a favorite though. I like to pick up anything that peaks my interest. Don’t get me wrong, DC and Marvel are always solid reads, but it is always fun to pick up something different. Currently I have been into BRZRKR and Invincible.

When I am not watching something or reading, you can find me baking. I absolutely LOVE baking cookies and cupcakes.

Thank you for reading my about me spew,



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First Movie

The first movie I ever saw in theaters was Lion King. I don’t remember it AT ALL because I was only 3. Two movies that really stand out to me is Karate Kid and Back to the Future.

Funniest Movie

Employee of the Month! I don’t know what it is about that movie, but I can watch that all the time. Employee of the Month and Grandma’s Boy are my two favorite comedic movies. A close runner up is for sure Waiting. I worked in a Café once and man oh man did I want to do some of the stuff they did in Waiting.

Saddest Film

ANYTHING produced by Pixar.

Romantic Movie

One that pops out is The Proposal and The Ugly Truth. More of a fan of The Ugly Truth. I like the story of the movie along with the leading actors. Katherine and Gerard play really well off of each other.

Visual Movie

Coco! Coco and Avatar. Both of those are gorgeous movies and pleasing to the eyes. I love in Avatar when they run through the forest and you can see all the glowing lights and you can see the floor light up where they walk. With Coco, when Miguel gets the land of the dead, man oh man is that beautiful. The colors are spectacular!

Horror Movie

Honestly, I do not have a favorite. I am not into Horror because I just cannot get sucked into the movie. Knowing that it is super fake and the whole point is to scare you doesn’t do it for me. The only movie I can think of is Aliens and Predator. I can watch those no problem. But give me a movie like The Grudge I can’t get with it. I am a fan of a story in a movie rather than the goal being jump scares. That’s why I enjoy the Alien/Predator movies as well as the Conjuring.

TV Movie

Hallmark hands down. HANDS DOWN! Actually. Disney Original Movies and Hallmark. Teen Beach and Lemonade Mouth. Come on. Classics. And Hallmark at Christmas time is the freaking best!

Most Viewed Movie

Hands down this crown goes to Star Wars and Crazy Rich Asians. I am OBSESSED with Crazy Rich Asians and Star Wars. I have to watch it at least once a month.


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