📸: Marvel Studios

This is going to be a series directed by Rhys Thomas and duo Bert and Bertie

Returning Characters

Jeremy Renner – Hawkeye

New to the Hawkeye Family

Hailee Steinfeld – Kate Bishop

Vera Farmiga – Eleanor Bishop

Fra Fee – Kazi

Alaqua Cox – Maya Lopez

Where to Find It

Disney Plus

When it Will Come Out

There are no specifics yet. All Marvel Studios said was 2022.

A Little Info on the New Hawkeye Family

Kate Bishop – She is the youngest daughter of the Bishop family. They are a rich Manhattanite family. Kate is an independent person with a stubborn and blunt personality. Her relationship with her family was not too great. Her Dad was emotionally never there, her mom died on a vacation trip, and her sister didn’t get along with Kate because Kate loves helping people.

When Kate was held for ransom she ran into the Avengers. This is where she met Hawkeye and he became her role model.

Kate was also sexually assaulted and this led her to learn self defense and combat fighting.

Eleanor Bishop – Eleanor is Kate’s mom. She allegedly died when the family was on a vacation trip. Later she ends up working with Kate’s enemy.

Kazi – Kazi moved to America after his family and friend were killed. When he moved to America he became a very good mercenary who was hired to kill Hawkeye.

Maya Lopez – Maya was born dead, but she has photographic reflexes. Kingpin took her in after killing her dad. He had her learn different fighting styles, multiple languages, and how to become masterful with weapons.

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