“Young Rock” – TV Show Review


🟒 Plot 🟒

A look at the formative years of superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as he grows up through life.

🟒 Non Spoiler Review 🟒

Now that “Young Rock” is three episodes in, I can write my review on it. I do believe that a show should be given at least 3 episodes in before giving an opinion. This is a motto of mine because I have jugged a show before on the first episode, didn’t want it anymore, heard great things, watched it again then loved it. . . . That show was “Doctor Who” πŸ˜‚ Cut me some slack! I COULD NOT get into those live mannequins πŸ˜…

Dwayne Johnson has always been open about his life when he is on talk shows, movie press tours, and on Instagram. So it is wonderful to see him be able to tell his whole story through this comedy TV show.

The way this show is done is fantastic. Dwayne is talking to Randall Park (From “Fresh off the Boat” and “WandaVision”) because he is doing an interview where he talks about his upbringing. We get a peek into his childhood as well as his college football life. He does this because we are in the future, 2023, and Dwayne is running for President. I love that he is running for President because there was such a huge demand for him to run for President this last time around. Dwayne also narrates what is happening in scene which is very similar to “How I Met You’re Mother”.

One of my favorite things, well more of a sound effect, is when Andre the Giant is on screen. They give him a boom type of sound effect whenever he walks. It makes me laugh every time. Something else that made me laugh with Andre is that there is a scene where the wrestlers are together and young Dwayne is on the floor coloring and he calls wrestling fake. Andre gets up, walks over to him, picks him up (and at this time we can hear Dwayne’s heartbeat), and says, “NEVER use the F word” πŸ˜‚ Another favorite thing of mine is how deeply rooted in family this show is. I am EXTREMELY family oriented so I can relate fully with Dwayne’s story.

What I like most about this show, besides it being funny, is that you can see how much fun everyone is having making this show. Especially Randall when he is interviewing Dwyane. You can tell they are truly enjoying each other’s company and there are probably a few bloopers out there. There was a quick scene where Dwayne makes fun of Kevin Hart’s ego and it made me laugh out loud because they are always making fun of each other. So it was great to see Dwayne incorporate that into his show.

“Young Rock” is truly a funny show. Some jokes I could see coming, but I still enjoyed them. It’s like the writers knew certain jokes would be predictable. Even though some come off this way, the actors still do such a wonderful job bringing the jokes and characters alive. There is such wonderful chemistry on screen. Everyone plays well off of each other. I feel they were all casted great. Yes I don’t know Dwayne’s life, but if he gave the stamp of approval for these actors that is good enough for me.

Overall, I say definitely give this show a chance. It is funny and extremely well done. It is also wonderful of Dwayne to let EVERYONE into his life to see how he grew up.

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