Star Wars The Bad Batch – “Replacements” – Episode 3 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

This was such a great episode in my opinion. Little happened with the actual Bad Batch, but everything else around them was in motion. We are getting a look at the future of Clone Troopers and Storm Troopers. Also, this was also a pretty dark episode in Star Wars animation.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

🟢 Project War Mantel 🟢

GUYS! It was so cool that they mentioned project War Mantel. If this sounds a little familiar to you, or even if it doesn’t, project War Mantel was mentioned in Star Wars Rogue One. Jyn is trying to find the plans to the Death Star and she is reading a few project names. She says, “War Mantel, Dark Saber, Stardust”. This is why I LOVE Filoni. He is freaking AMAZING at connecting all the Star Wars story lines together.

🟢 Omega 🟢

Every episode I am pretty much holding my breath until we see Omega do something amazing. Like in the first episode where she shot Crosshair I was like, “Oooooo!”. She is pretty much my Baby Yoda. When Baby Yoda would raise his hand I always felt something would happen. Sometimes it did and sometimes it did not. So to me Omega is similar because we have not seen her do much yet.

I am a fan of the way Omega is being written. Usually when you get kids in a show they can be annoying in the sense where kids are CONSTANTLY having to be saved and CONSTANTLY having an awful attitude. BUT. With Omega, she is none of these things. Yeah she might have to get saved in the future, but she can handle herself and she is proving this to us every episode.

I know people are going back and forth saying that Omega is force sensitive or not. To me if she is or not does not matter to me. Well I take that back. I prefer her to not have any force abilities. I feel this way because I would love for this series to have NOTHING to with Jedi for once. But you know, Master Yoda and I think even Obi Wan have said that the Force works in mysterious ways. So to me if the Force itself can create Anakin, then why wouldn’t the Force be able to make a clone have Force abilities?

🟢 Wrecker 🟢

Was it just me, or is Wrecker’s chip starting to give him headaches? I know he bumped his head when they crash landed, but his head hurting is worrying me. Like Crosshair shot him and Wrecker got back up from that no problem. But him hitting his head is where he is out for the count? Since we know the Bad Batch also has those chips in their head I really do think that bump Wrecker had is making the chip start to act up.

🟢 Crosshair 🟢

At the end there I felt Crosshair was missing his amigos. I know his chip is being enhanced, but I think since he is defective the effects of his chip wear off and he will go back to normal.

🟢 Rampart 🟢

When I saw this guy come in I felt this was another Kallus from Star Wars Rebels. But the thing is that right off the bat I did not care too much for Rampart, but with Kallus it was an automatic like. Could be the way the characters is written, or it could be kudos to how the actor is acting. So what I am trying to say is that I am not too much of a Rampart fan right now, but this was just the first time we see him. And now he will not be in Tarkin’s shadow, so he will be able to see more of his personality.

Also, when Rampart sent his volunteer troops  with Crosshair, did you guys get the vibe that these are the future Death Troopers? I was TOTALLY getting Death Trooper vibes.

🟢 Violence 🟢

Duuuuuudes. I cannot believe we saw innocent people getting killed. I don’t think we have ever seen this in the Clone Wars series. Like, I know there was a lot of violence in the Clone Wars show, but I don’t know if we ever saw innocent people getting killed. I know in the movies we have, but I am talking about the animation stuff.

🟢 Ordor Moon Dragon 🟢

Ok. I really liked this creature. When he was eating the flashlight and we see it starting to glow to me was awesome. What a cool feature this creature had.

🟢 Future Predictions 🟢

Seeing Wrecker starting to get headaches makes me think that in future episodes every one of the Bad Batch is going to have an episode where their chips are malfunctioning. I know at some point they are going to go back for Crosshair, but I think they are going to have to deal with their chips first before they can go back. Since Tech is building a chip scanner they will be able to remove them. Maybe that’s where Rex will come in.

Also, I think that the Clone Troopers are wiped out when the Storm Troopers are coming forward. Maybe some Clones do stay with the new Empire, but in this episode we do see that the new recruits do not like Clones. So who knows.

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