Animal Crossing Celebrates Gloucester Cheese Rolling

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling

Here is a little info on the interesting cheese rolling even held in England that Animal Crossing is celebrating this year. . .

The Cheese Rolling event is held on Cooper’s Hill on the Spring Bank Holiday. It has been this way since 1826. 1826!! This holiday is a time for people in the UK to have a day off of work or school. It will land on the last Monday of May. Participants (This includes locals and people from all over the world) race down the 200 yard long hill chasing after a Double Gloucester Cheese Roll (which is supposed to be delish) that is sent down the hill. After one second has past, then the participates chase after it. It is said that the cheese roll can reach up to 70mph. People can get seriously injured during the chase. . . It is still not known why this day exists.

Here is a video of the Downhill Cheese Chasing Competition in Britain made by National Geographic.

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Cheese Rolling

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