Star Wars The Bad Batch – “Rampage – Episode 5 Review

πŸ“Έ: Lucasfilm

🟒 Non Spoiler Spew 🟒

In this episode the Bad Batch head to Ord Mantell. They go here to visit a friend to the Jedi. I really enjoyed this episode. It was funny and they gave some pretty good original trilogy Easter eggs.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

🟒 Omega 🟒

When she first got her comlink and started to play with it I was hoping that it would not get annoying. And thank goodness it did not! They played that joke very nicely. I chuckled every time because that is EXACTLY how a kid would act when you give them a comlink (Walkie talkie to usπŸ˜‚).

Also, I love that she was able to take care of herself when everyone was captured. And I am liking that bow weapon thing that she took towards the end. I can’t wait to see her use it. But overall I think they have done Omega’s character very likeable because she is not written like other kids. Sometimes kids can be annoying in shows and helpless. But not Omega and I am loving this.

🟒 Wrecker 🟒

How many times does he have to say he has a headache before anyone takes him seriously?! What’s crazy is that they all know that they have these chips in their head, and no one is concerned that Wrecker is complaining about his head. That’s crazy to me.

Besides the headache, I did find it funny that Wrecker is doing workout reps with the Gonk droid.

🟒 Tech 🟒

I really do think as soon as he finishes the machine that will scan their head chips will be done too late. I feel as soon as he finishes it Wrecker will start to go “bad”. So he needs to start taking Wrecker’s headaches a little more seriously.

🟒 Rancor 🟒

We got another sweet baby! First we had baby Yoda, and now we got sweet baby Rancor. Muchi is so cute! Now, if this is the same Rancor Luke kills I honestly have NO idea. There is lots of stuff out there that says it isn’t. BUT. In my own head canon it is the same Rancor 🀣

🟒 Fennec Shand 🟒

We so finally find out a little about Fennec. All we find out is that she is a bad ass bounty hunter that is new to it, but has made a name for herself very quickly. We still do not know who hired her. I still think it is the Kaminoins.

🟒 Cid 🟒

She is freaking legit. I like that at the end there, that even though she told the Bad Batch she is their friend, but she wants them to know that she knows they are valuable. So she gave a pretty legit threat to them at the end there. Now. I really don’t think she would turn them over or set them up, but if she was put in a hard place I feel she would give them up. But like I said, it would take a lot for her to give them up.

🟒 Bib Fortuna 🟒

I loved that they brought him into this episode. What a wonderful Easter egg!

🟒 Ord Mantell 🟒

Han Solo mentions this planet inΒ Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back.

🟒 Future Predictions 🟒

Some people think the Bad Batch are gonna go bad, but I doubt it. I think only Wrecker is the one that is going to go “bad”. I think this because he is the biggest and strongest out of all of them. So it only makes sense for him to go bad because he will be the hardest to take down.

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