Star Wars The Bad Batch “Rescue On Ryloth” Episode 12 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

The Bad Batch is tasked with a dangerous mission.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

Even though I really enjoyed this episode, I feel we are kind of wandering as the season is progressing. It seems as if they just pushed aside the Kaminoins, the rivalry between Crosshair and the Batch, and even who Omega is. Seeing other Star Wars characters make cameo appearances has been great, but I need more story. I want it more like Catch Me if You Can. Where Tom Hanks was always right behind Leonardo DiCaprio to where Leo always had to be on the run. They had this in the beginning with the bounty hunters, but now that has died down. So, I wonder what the next few episodes.

🟢 Hera Syndulla 🟢

Gosh it is so great seeing Hera! It is great seeing her origin story happen. Seeing her and Omega’s relationship grow is beautiful too. They said they will see each other again. So I wonder if they ever will, because as we know, Omega is no where in Rebels.

I found it funny when Hera was flying the ship and Tech says something along the lines of that no one knows what exactly Hera is doing because her flying is odd.

🟢 Howzer 🟢

I really wonder how Howzer is able to stay himself rather than turning into a robot and taking orders without question. He is also still wearing his outfit that he was in the Clone Wars. So maybe his loyalty and friendship to Cham trumps the Order 66 chip. As we know Rex was able to hold off killing Ahsoka for a little bit because his relationship with her was so strong.

🟢 The Bad Batch 🟢

It was great seeing the Batch come back and do a mission. I was a huge fan of Star Wars Clone Wars TV show. I like that every episode was a different mission. I was hoping that is what this show would be like, but in the beginning they make it seem like this show is going to have a huge story because they really clouded the first episodes in a lot of mystery. But as we get into it, I feel like the story is falling flat with the Batch.

Also, my heart melted hearing Omega call the Batch her brothers. I felt this way because she has never called them that.

🟢 Crosshair 🟢

At the end of this episode we see that Crosshair is looking intently at Howzer when he turns himself in. It almost kind of looks like Crosshair is realizing that he can turn back and rejoin the Batch. Not sure if that is his intention, but that is what I got from that look.

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