“BRZRKR” Issue 3 Review and Summary

🟒 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟒

Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt – Writer

Ron Garney – Artist

Bill Crabtree – Colorist

Clem Robins – Letterer

🟒 Publisher and Date 🟒

BOOM Comics / June 2021

🟒 Non Spoiler Spew 🟒

This was such an intense issue. INTENSE!


We get more of what makes B, B and I am all there for it. Learning more about his past is really making me wonder about his future and where this is all going to lead up to. This is honestly such a well thought out story I am getting sad that it is not a tv show. This would be a hit show too. I could see it coming out on HBO because it is a pretty gruesome comic series. Overall, I am loving everything that Kindt and Reeves have come up with. Their creative story is outstanding.


Slow claps for Garney and Crabtree. This issue is oh my gosh insane. A massive gory issue this was. I do not even know if that made sense LAUGH That is how intense this issue was. My eyes were opened wide while I was reading this issue and checking out the artwork. Well done guys, well done indeed.


This keeps getting better and better and I know this is all going to lead up to one freaking intense and epic battle.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Summary Spew πŸ”΄

B’s dad keeps pushing him and pushing him to take over more villages. B’s mom is getting worried because all of this fighting is making B become a different person. And they keep going out and taking over villages even though they are now completely safe. B even tells his mom that he does not want to fight anymore. He does not want his dad and his villagers to see him as a Unute, which means tool or weapon.

Diana is talking to another scientist and he tells her to keep talking to him. To keep getting him to trust her because he wants to find out where he was born. That way he can try to recreate what happened so he could possibly make more humans like B.

We see B went on another mission and at the end of it the head soldier gives him two pills now instead of one. The scientist are upping his dosage.

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