“Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore” Movie Review

📸: Warner Bros. Pictures


🟢 The Cast 🟢

Jude Law – Albus Dumbledore

Mads Mikkelsen – Gellert Grindelwald

Eddie Redmayne – Newt Scamander

Ezra Miller – Credence Barebone

Alison Sudol – Queenie Goldstein

Dan Fogler – Jacob Kowalski

Richard Coyle – Aberforth Dumbeldore

Jessica Williams – Lally

🟢 Plot 🟢

Albus Dumbledore assigns Newt and his allies with a mission related to the rising power of Grindelwald.

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

This movie starts off amazingly strong! It pulled me in and I was on the edge of my reclined seat. Kudos to Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen for killing it in the beginning of this movie. They really portrayed to lovers that are hurting on the inside. Law and Mikkelsen both demanded the screen and showed so much emotion with hardly doing any acting. After this first initial scene it starts to get chaotic for me. It was still entertaining to watch, it’s Witches and Wizards and magic, of course it will be fun.

What made me really sad is that these movies are no longer about fantastic beasts. I feel J.K Rowling has made these movies to do prequels to the books and movies we know and love. She should have called these movies something different because I was reeled in BIG TIME with the first movie. She got me good with creating beautiful creatures and a fun storyline. What she should have done was give us a fully fleshed out story about Dumbledore and Grindelwald. That would have been MUCH better than giving us Newt and Jacob and then doing nothing with them.

Since there was so much that was happening in this movie it was hard to keep up at times. Made me wish that this movie came out on HBO so I could pause and rewind. There was just WAY TOO MANY storylines at once. Overall, there was just not enough magic for me, too much plotline, and honestly, there were a lot of characters at once. They really could have cleaned this up a bit more. Since this story did have different storylines, everyone in this film felt underdeveloped.

Regardless, EVERYONE in this movie did a fantastic job acting. I was missing Katherine Waterston the WHOLE movie. She was wonderful in the other two, but oh well I guess. I just wonder if the actors know what the heck this movie was. If I was this confused, and I cannot be the only one, I wonder if they were confused.

What I disliked the most about this movie is that the fantastic beasts come second to everything that is happening. What they should have done was make the fantastic beasts its own thing WITHOUT combining it with other storylines. Focusing on Newt Scamander would be a GREAT movie. Newt is an awesome character and I love that he is a Magizoologist.

🟢 A Little More Plot 🟢

This movie is mainly all about an Election for the Wizarding World that Grindelwald wants to win and is doing everything in his power to make sure he wins. In order to do this, the movie revolves around a beautiful deer looking animal called a Qilin (Chillin). Qilin’s have precognitive abilities and they can look into the soul of a human and know if they are pure of heart. When there is an election, Wizards go out to get a Qilin because they will pick the winner. Grindelwald wants the Qilin the ensure that he wins the election. Dumbeldore comes up with a plan to make sure this does not happen. This is because Grindelwald wants to get rid of Muggles because he believes they are the superior race. Even though this is the main plotline. There are two other stories. One of them is following Credence and the secrets of his life. Second story is the romance between Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

🟢 Watch or Don’t Watch 🟢

If you have seen the other two then yes, go see it. If you haven’t started this series and you are not a Harry Potter fan then I say go ahead and skip all the Fantastic Beast movies.

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