“Star Wars the Mandalorian” Issue 1 Comic Review and Summary

🟢 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟢

Writer – Rodney Barnes

Penciler – Georges Jeanty

Inker – Karl Story

Color Artist – Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer- VC’s Joe Caramagna

🟢 Publisher and Date 🟢

Marvel Comics / August 2022

🟢 Plot Spew 🟢

After the fall of the Galactic Empire, lawlessness has spread throughout the galaxy. The Mandalorian travels ever onward, with an unshakable code of honor. This is the Way. . .

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

When I picked this up I was under the impression that it was going to be a little different from the Disney Plus show, but it wasn’t. It was pretty much scene for scene the same. So, I am not sure why make these if nothing will be different. BUT! It is legit the first issue, and I will stick with it to the end to see if anything is different.

Writing and Storytelling is on point because it is just taken from the show. Because of this I cannot be super thrilled with a new plotline or new writing style. It is just sucked from the show. This comic series will be 8 issues and I am wondering where they will go with it. You know, I so think the writers did a great job at capturing all the key points of the show. I was a little worried that it would not translate well, but they got it. The tone as well as the pace of the comic I felt went hand in hand with the show very nicely. If you are new to this story you will not get lost, you will still understand what is going on.

As of right now the plot is taken right from the show. I am excited though to see where this goes. I am REALLY hoping it does change a bit the more we get into it.

Jeanty is a WONDERFUL artist! Even though we know what everything looks like because of the show, I LOVE that they bring their own touch to this. They put their own spin on it and it turned out amazing. The coloring is also amazing. I truly love that Jeanty and Rosenberg are putting their own spin on something that is hugely popular and already has their aesthetic. I am sure it is a big risk for them too to put their mark on it because people are so used to seeing characters in a certain way. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is not a whole lot of change, but it is enough where you can see these artist personality coming through.

Overall, I am excited to see where this goes. I am hoping the first issue is showing us how they get together, but the rest of the issues are them going on different bounty adventures than we saw in the show.

🔴 Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

We see the Mandalorian on a snow planet with a tracking device. In a nearby Cantina there are two guy attacking a blue fish alien and they say to each other that they can sell his glands. Mando walks into the bar and everyone stops to look at him.

The guy attacking he blue fish goes up to Mando at the bar and gets mad at him and says he made him spill his drink. He doesn’t leave Mando alone, so Mando beats him up and throws him out of the Cantina.

The blue fish tells Mando he is thankful and offers him money as appreciation. Mando then shows him that the he has a Bounty Puck, the tracking device from earlier, and it has he blue fish’s information on it. The blue fish then tells him he can offer him more money to leave him alone.

Then Mando says his famous like, “I can bring you in warm or I can bring you in cold”.

Mando takes him onto his ship to redeem the bounty on him. The blue fish tells Mando that he needs to use the vac tube. While he is pretending to use the vac tube, Blue walks around to see if he can escape. While he sees their are other bounty’s that have been caught and they are in carbonite, just like how Han Solo was. Mando sees him snooping and throws him in the carbonite chamber.

Nevarro. On this planet Mando collects the bounty on 5 that he has caught. He wants to get 5 more bounties, but he is offered one special bounty, by Greeg Karga that will pay handsomely. The only catch is that there is no puck or chain codes. It is a face to face commission. 

Mando meets with the person who is offering the high reward. He tells Mando he will give him Beskar if he completes the task. He tells Mando if he brings back the 50 year old bounty alive, he will give him a lot more Beskar. Beskar in these times is super rare and it is what Mandalorian’s use to make their armor.

Mando goes back to where the rest of his clan is and asks the armorer to create a shoulder pad for him and then to give the rest of the Beskar to the foundlings. He wants to give it to them because he was a foundling as well. We then see him have a flashback and it is full of destruction.

Arvala-7. When Mando arrives he starts to attack the Blurgs. Mando is then stopped by a local. He tells Mando he will help him find the bounty as long as he helps him with the Blurrgs so he can keep them. Once Mando is where he should be, he runs into an assassination bounty droid, IG-11. They agree to split the bounty and they defeat all the other people there trying to stop them. While inside the room where the bounty is they see a baby, a baby Yoda, but they call him ‘The Child’. IG-11 is going to terminate baby Yoda, but Mando shoots him. 

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