“Marry Me in Yosemite” Hallmark Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 6 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

Zoe, a notable photojournalist, visits Yosemite landscapes made famous by Ansel Adams. When she meets Jack, an intriguing tour guide, he opens her eyes to new adventures as they embark on a journey.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Cindy Busby – Zoe

Tyler Harlow – Jack

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

This movie had me annoyed, then got my hopes up, then let me down. I thought this movie was going to be so much more than what it was. When I could see where the story was going I was really hoping that they were going to shine a light on Yosemite and what we can do to help it and other national parks. Or just even Earth in general. I am sad to announce they really did focus on the photos and just teased about caring for the park.

Love that they shone a light on Indigenous people and how White people came during the gold rush and stirred up trouble. I wish that they leaned a bit harder on this aspect. So the whole time she is taking photos of nature, which is great! but, she should have featured more of the people. We don’t really even know what the outcome turned out because we didn’t see the book!

Cindy and Tyler had a pretty rough beginning, not gonna lie. As the movie progressed you could see that they were finally getting more comfortable with each other. Towards the VERY end I could see them as a real couple. But yeah, it was a very rough start. The acting was SUPER awkward. I am sure that was from the acting and the script. Nothing really made sense.

Overall this movie was not the greatest. The truly only good thing was that it took place in Yosemite.

🔴 Summary Spoiler Spew 🔴

Zoe is tasked to go to Yosemite to capture photos for a new book of hers. Before going to the lodge, Zoe makes a stop for photos by a river and sees someone fishing, but then they vanish. She makes her way to the lodge and the Park Ranger tells her that her Uncle owns a shop nearby and he knows a guy named jack who can guide her to take photos of Yosemite.

There is a part where she is talking to her Publisher, Harrison, and she is SUPER sarcastic about love being at Yosemite. I did not understand why she chose to act that way. She was also yelling on the phone. Which made no freaking sense because she is outside with no one around her making noise except for the water.

In the shop, the owner Cos, tells Zoe that he has not seen Jack in a while. She hangs around a bit more and they keep talking. He then caves and tells her where Jack lives. Zoe finds Jack and he is not pleased to see her because she ruined his fishing and now she sneaks up and claps for him pretending to be a conductor.

I did not like this part at all. It was super awkward that Zoe hung around the store when Cos told her no about knowing where Jack is. She is a photojournalist, she should have given him her card to show why she was interested in him. Their whole interaction was THE WORST! He totally blew her off when she asked for help, but she was also super rude to him. She has zero professionalism for a photojournalist.

Zoe goes hiking on her own and gets her foot caught in the rocks. Which is poor timing because there is a bear in the area. Luckily Jack is in the area to help her. She climbs up the rock with Jack’s help. Jack takes her back to Cos’s place so she can buy hiking gear. Jack tells Zoe that he is more into conserving Yosemite than the photos she is taking for a book.

When Jack helped her get her foot out with chalk it was such a missed opportunity to teach the viewers why that is helpful. I know zero about the outdoors like this and some things would be nice to learn about.
I did not understand why she had to climb up the rock. Why couldn’t she just go back down the way she came.
The whole scene with Zoe buying clothes was really dumb. She had a little fashion show for Jack trying on clothes. It made zero sense to me.

As Zoe continues to take photos and learn about Yosemite, she is started to pivot on what she wants to capture. She wants to focus on Conservation and highlight Yosemite’s past. Her and Jack agree to a collaboration on the new book because he can bring the science to conservation.

While trying to take a photo Zoe falls backwards and Jack catches her. During this resting moment Zoe asks Jack why is he alone and does he like it. They both go to a local dive bar to get dinner. Zoe asks Jack to slow dance with her.

There is a scene when they are hiking, Zoe falls back and Jack catches her. I LOVE that they did not do the Hallmark thing where this is they realize they have feelings for each other. Jack catches her and they both react normally.
Zoe was LEGIT interrogating Jack. Like dang woman. Leave him alone. It is OK to be alone. You don’t have to go badgering someone. Or even if deep down he does not being alone, it does not make someone feel good when you are berating them.

Zoe is still trying to find that one special photo for her book. They head to Cos’s shop for advice. Cos tells Zoe a story about a face on the dome. There is a legend that a woman and her husband would fight. So one day she ran towards the east and formed a mountain. but her tears of guilt forever stained her face. At a certain angle you can see her face and the tears.

Jack and Zoe do an overnight trip to go to half dome because she wants her picture of tears. While they are stargazing they both have a moment and they start to kiss each other. The next morning at half dome they find the lady’s face and her tears. Jack and Zoe have one last date before she leaves.

The thought I have the whole time is how the heck does Zoe go to the bathroom. Like they are a brand new couple and that is some next level stuff.
To be honest. I DO NOT see the face or the tears. I even paused the movie, but still could not see it.
I don’t wear too much make-up, but I really do feel that they put A LOT of make-up on Zoe. It was for sure enough for me to notice as soon as she came around the corner.

Zoe is back home and she Zooms with Jack to talk about the book. She tells Jack that she will not be using his essays because they read too much like a textbook. She told him, “this is a picture book, not a textbook”.

I really did think that Zoe was pretty harsh on Jack. She told him that he could write about conservation the way that he saw fit. Instead of rejecting him, she should have given him notes. I didn’t mind Jack breaking up with her over this. She was messed up to Jack. A bit sad that he came to her to make up after what she did.

A year later Jack and Zoe go back to Yosemite and Zoe asks him to marry her. The two marry alone in front of half dome.

I was a bit bummed at this part. I don’t mind that she asked him to marry her, but there was no big show for it. She did not get down on one knee or even do like a candlelit dinner. Woo the man!
This ending got me MAD! HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET MARRIED WITHOUT SAGE AND COS?! They are the ones who got you two together! Super rude.
Also, the book of hers was disappointing to me because we heard ZERO of Jack’s science part. Right when I think this movie has some redeeming quality it doesn’t. They should have leaned in more with the science instead of just the photos of where I cannot see a face or tears!


  1. I was disappointed in the movie. I generally like the actress but everything felt rushed and forced. And its a Hallmark movie, i cant see them pushing the save the planet angle. But my least favorite so far.


    1. This movie really did feel rushed. When our couple first met I was pretty annoyed at their back and forth. There has been a good handful of recent movies that have not been so great. Even though it is a Hallmark movie, I do wish they would push the save the planet angle a bit more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Probably why everyone is jumping ship and heading to GAC Family. Watched one the other day on there I liked, course cant remember name now. But I always look forward to Hallmark movies during fall and Christmas. Hopefully it improves..


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