“Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater”

📸: Hallmark Crown Media

The Movie: This movie was about a divorced single mom, Maggie, who is facing her Christmas alone because her daughter is spending Christmas with her ex-husband. Maggie then gets an unexpected houseguest, Lucas, whose Christmas plans have suddenly changed.

The Stars: Ashely Williams and Niall Matter 🚨Some Spoilers🚨 This was such a great, feel good movie! A great way to start off the Christmas season!! Ashley and Niall had wonderful chemistry together, so it made the movie that much better. It is great when you see how wonderful the two leads work together. Ashley’s smile is infectious! It was nice to see that Hallmark focused this movie on a divorced mom who has to split the holidays with her ex-husband who has a girlfriend. Maggie’s daughter for this Christmas is going to spend it with her Dad. I know there are many families who will be able to connect with this movie on that point. This is where I feel Hallmark succeeds at. They really know how to make movies that can connect with so many different people. Aside from basing this movie about a divorced mom, it was fantastic to see that they wove military families into the storyline. ANY movie that has a military aspect with the children already starts to tug on my heart strings. Maggie and Lucas are helping throw a party for military families. They try to find a way to make the children whose parents are in the military have a special Christmas.

I give this movie 3 vomits


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