The Mandalorian – Chapter 11 – “The Heiress”

📸: Lucasfilm

Hey Mando Fans!

Oh man oh man was that a great episode!! I think I am just going to dive right into it.


The start of the episode already had me rolling when Mando was trying to land the Razor Crest. When he landed I was like Daaaang he really does have skills. . . but then the Razor Crest crapped out and fell in the water.

It was great seeing Frog Lady meet up with her Hubby so they can fertilize their eggs and FINALLY have little frog babies.

We find Mando in a similar situation as we have in many episodes before. He goes where everyone gathers so he can ask the workers for information. This time he is still on the search for more Mandalorian’s. He asks the Mon Cala if he has seen any other Mandalorian’s and the Mon Cala sends a Quarren his way. What’s cool about this scene I noticed is that the Quarren and the Mon Cala don’t hang out with each other. I know it’s like, “what the heck why is that cool?”. To me it is cool because if you are a Clone Wars fan, then you know that this is pulled from the show. In Clone Wars the Mon Cala and Quarren were on opposite sides of the rebellion.

After this we then come across another monster! We are now 3 for 3 on Star Wars monsters and I LOVE IT! To be honest, and I don’t know why, but I did not see it coming that Mando and Baby Yoda were going to get pushed to get eaten. I really thought things were looking up for the duo. When the Quarren pushed them in I legit gave out a gasp. I was thinking, “how in the heck are they going to get out of this one. Will Baby Yoda use the Force?”. Then my answer came. As soon as those 3 Mando’s came I knew exactly who it was.

Quick side note. . . Am I the only one who thinks that even though Mando is trying to stay on the down low he actually sticks out like a sore thumb? With all that Beskar he is wearing he has a huge target on his back.

Bo Katan’s armor is so distinct! I think they did a FANTASTIC job bringing Bo from animation to live action. Only those who don’t know why she is wouldn’t catch it. For those who don’t know, Bo Katan is a character from the Clone Wars series. When we left her in Clone Wars she was the leader of the planet Mandalore and she was the owner of the Dark Saber (The Dark Saber is what we saw Moff Giddeon have at the end of the first season). I LOVED SO MUCH that they brought back Katee Sackhoff to play Bo (Katee played Bo in the Clone Wars series). Seeing Bo and Mando interact with each other was great! When Bo and the other took off their helmets Mando acted exactly like I thought he would. He asked them where they got their armor just like how he asked Cobb Vanth.

I truly get the feeling that Mando doesn’t know that there are other Mandalorian’s out there who don’t have the same views. That’s why I liked when Bo told him that The Watch are a group of Mandalorian’s who broke off and have become a cult of religious zealots. So it confirmed the thoughts I had about Mando. So I really do think Mando is part of the Death Watch that broke off from the main group. I think this because in Clone Wars I remember the Death Watch taking off their helmets. Like I said before, I know that Mando knows there are other Mandalorian’s out there, but I think he thinks they all keep their helmets on. So I also think that Mando had a sheltered childhood. That the people who took him in did not tell him everything about Mandalorian history. This makes me believe that Mando has NO IDEA who Bo Katan is and how special she is.

The second time we run into the Quarren wanting to kill Mando is where I noticed that their tentacles move when they speak. I thought it was pretty cool. It reminded me of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest.

I have come across many articles saying that Pedro Pascal has been requesting that he wants more scenes where he has his helmet off. So I think with the introduction of Bo that he will get his wish fulfilled. I think this because Bo could teach Mando the real history of Mandalore. So with the new knowledge Mando could now start to take his helmet off where ever he goes.

When they all took over the cargo ship it was great to see what makes Moff Gideon such a BA. He made the captain of the ship kill his officers and made him try to take the ship down. Obviously this was not going to be possible with Bo, Mando, and the others. Once they got to where the captain is we witnessed Star Wars version of cyanide poison. It was cool to see the cyanide have an electric spark. Almost as if they harnessed some of Emperor Palpatine’s powers.

Oh! another side note. . . It was awesome to see Bo use “this is the way” against Mando.

So we have all known that Ahsoka was rumored to be in the Mandalorian show, but to hear her name be mentioned in this episode was gnarly. The whole series until this point has always been so vague when they would give Mando answers to his questions. It was always like, “go to this desert planet and someone like you is there” or even Mando would ask others, “have you seen anyone like me?”. So for Bo to come straight out and be like, go to this forest planet and ask for Ahsoka Tano. It was nice to see someone finally give Mando a straight answer and it would be Bo who would be the one to give that to him.

Now that we know that Bo Katan’s mission is to get back the Dark Saber I feel this will be something for the third season. So I predict that at the end of this season Bo will be with Mando at the end trying to kill Moff and get the Dark Saber back to Bo. Then Mando will leave Baby Yoda with Ahsoka while he goes with Bo to take back Mandalore. Maybe at this point Boba Fett will join them as well.

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