Animal Crossing – Turkey Day Event

📸: Nintendo

Turkey Day Event

The Turkey Day Thanksgiving Event is almost here! I am super excited! Every event that has come out has been so much fun. With this being my first Animal Crossing Game I have enjoyed every moment of gameplay.

I do not even want to say how many hours I have put in

All the new DIYs and the new items are SO CUTE! The only thing I wish is for these events to happen BEFORE the Holiday because I would have LOVED to decorate my island beforehand. . .Not the day of. But that is ok! There is always next year!

You get the new DIYs and Items by cooking recipes for Franklin on Turkey Day.

I will give you the list of the new DIYs, items, and Franklin recipes.

New Turkey Day DIYs (along with materials) and Items

Casserole – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


1 Clay

5 Iron Nuggets

Chair – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


2 Hardwood

2 Softwood

5 Wood

Cornucopia – Item – Cook 4 dishes


Decorations – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


2 Clay

5 Clump of Weeds

2 Softwood

Flooring – Item – Cook 3 dishes


Garden Stand – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


3 Clay

8 Stone

Hearth – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


1 Campfire

10 Clay

30 Stone

Rug – Item – Cook 1 dish


Table – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


10 Hardwood

5 Softwood

Table Setting – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


4 Clay

2 Iron Nugget

Wall – Item – Cook 2 dishes


Wheat Decor – DIY – Cook all 4 secret dishes


10 Clumps of Weed

Turkey Day Recipes – There are secret ingredients that Franklin will not ask you for, but you can add them into the dish to get a bonus reward

Clam Chowder

3 Manilla Clams

Secret Ingredient is a Scallop

Fish Recipe

  • Northern Hemisphere

1 Sea Bass

1 Dab, Olive Flounder, or Red Snapper

Secret ingredient is a Barred Knifejaw

  • Southern Hemisphere

1 Sea Bass

1 Olive Flounder or Red Snapper

Secret Ingredient is a Barred Knifejaw

Gratin Recipe

  • Northern Hemisphere

1 Mussel

1 of any Mushroom (No Rare Mushroom) or Oyster

Secret Ingredient is a Dungeness Crab

  • Southern hemisphere

1 Sea Urchin

1 Squid

Secret Ingredient is a Dungeness Crab

Pumpkin Pie

1 Orange Pumpkin

1 Random Pumpkin other than Orange

Secret Ingredient is 2 other pumpkins of a different color (So you will end up using every color Pumpkin. Green, Orange, White, and Yellow)

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