The Mandalorian – Chapter 12 – “The Siege”

📸: Lucasfilm

Hello Mando fans!


This was another great chapter. I LOVE Cara Dune! I know some people have not liked Gina’s acting, but I have been totally fine with it. I am in love with the character of Cara Dune. She is totally BA!

Seeing at the end of the last chapter how bad the Razor Crest was in I knew that he would be stopping by to reconnect with Cara and Greef.

To me personally not toooooo much happened in this episode. Even though to me not a lot happened I still loved it. It was great to see Mando, Greef, and Cara team up again to go take out the Imperial base. All three of them as a team was amazing.

Did you guys catch the employee that was in the background of the scene?! When I did a freeze frame, I was laughing so hard. It brought me back to when someone left their coffee cup on the Game of Thrones set. So, I wonder how long it will take them to edit the guy out. If you did not notice it, the guy can be seen on the left side of the screen when Greef and Cara bust into the room where they see the clones.

Speaking about clones!! Oh my goodness!!! I really do think the clones we saw is Snoke from the sequel trilogy. We also learned that the scientist from the first season that they took Baby Yoda’s DNA to put into test subjects. I truly think this was done to find a clone that would be suitable for Palpatine, but we all know how that turns out.

If you do not know then make sure you go and watch the sequel trilogy.

What else happened? Oh yes! At the end of the episode we see Moff in a suit that was similar to Darth Vader and we find out that Moff had a spy who put a tracker on the Razor Crest when it was being repaired. We also see that Moff has a lot of Dark Troopers.

A Dark Trooper is pretty much a BA droid that we have seen the Empire have. I remember these guys in Star Wars Battlefront.

Oh! Also, seeing the Troopers on the speeder bikes brought be back to Return of the Jedi when Luke and Leia are on the bikes shooting at the Troopers.

Other than these items I do not think there was much else in the episode that was important. If I missed something, please let me know!

The last thing I will say is that I cannot believe that boy in the class would NOT give Baby Yoda some of the macaroons. NO ONE says no to Baby Yoda! I laughed when Baby Yoda used the Force to grab the macaroons.

So now all we can do is wait for the next episode, and I truly do believe that this next episode we will be seeing Ahsoka Tano and I CANNOT wait!!

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