The Mandalorian – Chapter 13 – “The Jedi”

📸: Lucasfilm

Hello Mando fans!

Another episode came and another episode went. Crazy to think that there are only 3 episodes left! 3!!


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Ahsoka Tano! I know fans really wanted Ashley Eckstein to portray her in live action, but I did not mind Rosario Dawson. I really like Rosario as an actress. Don’t get me wrong. It would have been wonderful to see Ashley really take Ahsoka the whole way. When Ahsoka first came out I remember that MANY people did not like her. Then eventually she grew on everyone. Ashley was a major part of people not only accepting Ahsoka, but really embracing and loving her. So it would have been great to see Ashley be there when Ahsoka was not welcomed to where she made it on the screen for live action.

Ok. So let’s talk about the episode. This is going to be a long one because there is so much to talk about!

Man oh man was it amazing. Ok, so ALL the episodes have been amazing! But this was more amazinger. Amazinger? Is that a thing? If not, it is now! Filoni and Favreau have done such an outstanding job. 

The opening of this episode I thought was brilliant! Brilliant because the way they made it look with the fog so Ahsoka can move in and out and be kind of creepy. I say this about the fog because when you have an animated character you can draw and animate them to do things people cannot do. Especially have them jumping and moving fast the way the Jedi do in the animated series. So I was wondering how they would accomplish this. So when the episode started out with fog it was such a great idea because she could disappear in the fog then pop up next to the bad guy and it would still have that feel that she is moving quickly. It was also awesome to see her use her lightsabers!

Her outfit was so great as well! I totally believe that for the next Star Wars Celebration people will be dressing up as her. The ONLY thing that I did not like at the start was her head piece. The last time we saw Ahsoka on Rebels her headpiece (Not sure what to call them. Horns?) was long. So to see them short on the show kind of threw me. But then I started to think about it and I am sure that Filoni would have wanted the longer headpiece, but it might not have worked out with the stunts. So now I do not mind the shorter headpiece.

Now let us focus on Mando. Again it was great to see that Mando did not have to work hard to get the information he wanted. It was wonderful to see him walk into the town and for the Magistrate to call him in her place and just straight up tell him she wants a Jedi dead and she knows where to find her. When she gave him the information all easy like I was so relieved for Mando that it was an easy mission. And when she busted out that Beskar spear as his rewards I legit went, “Daaaaaaaang!”. 

When Mando is on his way to see Ahsoka, did you guys notice the owl? As we know this owl has always followed Ahsoka around after her time on Mortis. So I thought it was a great easter egg for all of us Rebels fans. I forget the EXACT moment the owl pops up, but I know it is as soon as we see Mando walking in the fog it is on the left side of the screen. I pulled up Disney+ to check and it is at 15:32 where you will see the owl.

After Ahsoka and Mando meet, it was fun to see that she immediately got excited for sweet baby Yoda. It was really cool seeing them talk to each other as well without speaking words. AND BECAUSE OF THIS WE GOT A NAME!!!! We got a name for sweet baby Yoda. His name is officially Grogu! It is going to take me a while to say Grogu. To me he will always be sweet baby Yoda. I LOVED when Mando said Grogu that Grogu turned quickly and tilted his head. Kind of how a puppy does when they first learn their name. SO CUTE! Because of their ability to speak to each other we do find out that Grogu was there when Anakin was turning to the dark side and that someone took him to hide him.

At the end of them meeting she tells Mando that he needs to take baby Yoda to planet Tython. If you do not know this planet it has been referenced too many times in comics, books, and video games. Tython is said to be the first planet of where Jedi were born from. That the planet is deep in the Force. So Ahsoka says to take Gorgu there and sit him on top of the seeing stone and a Jedi will come find him. When she said that I quickly started to think who it could be that would find Gorgu. I have 2 people in mind who could come find and train him.

  1. Cal Kestis from the video game Fallen order

I think Cal because not only was it a great game, but it would be cool to see them input his character in the canon of the Skywalker Saga. I also think this because I feel they would either put someone a little unknown in the show or they would put someone extremely well known like. . .

       2. Luke Skywalker

I also think it could be Luke because we know from the sequel trilogy that Luke was finding students to bring back the Jedi order. If this becomes true, then as we know, Ben Solo went and killed all the students. So sweet baby Yoda could have been in that group.

When Ahsoka told Mando why she could not train him I was like, “Oooooooooo”. As fans of the prequels and Clone Wars we knew when she said, “His attachment to you makes him vulnerable to his fears” and ”I have seen what such feelings can do to a fully trained Jedi Knight” she was talking about Anakin. So I understand why she would not want to, but then I started to think more about it and since she had such a strong connection with Anakin wouldn’t she feel that he became good in the end? That Luke was able to redeem him? 

After this we see Ahsoka and Mando team up to free the town of the Magistrate and man oh man was it legit! The whole sequence was awesome. My favorite is when Mando is standing in front of the Magistrates house and Ahsoka is behind him standing on the wall.I also like that we saw Mando have an actual quick draw like they did in western movies.

The ending they left us with was shocking! I heard and read rumors that there were talks of an Ahsoka show. After watching this episode I truly feel that this was a backdoor pilot to an Ahsoka show. I fully believe this now since Ahsoka is looking for Thrawn. As we Rebels fans know, Thrawn was last seen with Ezra, and at the end of the series Ahsoka and Sabine went out to try and find Ezra. So the show will focus on them finding Ezra. 

I am sure there are tons more that I am missing, but I feel I have rambled long enough. 

Till next time!

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