The Mandalorian – Chapter 14 – “The Tragedy”

📸: Lucasfilm

Hello Mando fans!

I honestly have NO WORDS to describe this episode. I am stunned.


The opening of this episode was perfect! When Mando called Grogu’s name I was laughing because that is exactly what I would do. It’s just like when you get a puppy and they finally learn their new name so you call them just to see their ears perk up.

When the finally reached planet Tython I will admit. I was a bit underwhelmed. I thought it was going to be more magnificent. That it could have been run down a little, but where we could still tell that one day this was a beautiful place. Once Mando placed Grogu on the seeing stone I let out a pretty big “Awwwwwww” when we saw Grogu sit in a meditation pose.

After this is when ALL the greatness of the episode starts to happen. 

WE GOT TO SEE SLAVE 1!!!! SLAVE 1!! Man it has been yeeeeaaaars since we have seen this wonderful ship. The last time we saw this ship was in “Attack of the Clones”. When we see Mando and Fett pointing guns at each other I was like “Ooooooo what’s gonna happen?”. Then we see what we knew all along. That Fennec Shand is running with Fett. We knew this already, or at least had a hunch, because at the end of the episode where Fennec dies we hear spurs and we see someone bend down towards Fennec. Ever since that scene I had a feeling in my gut that we were going to see Fett in the next season.

I knew we would see Fett soon because Mando has his armor. So I knew he would have to show up sometime, but I just was not sure when. As soon as Mando took his armor back from Cobb Vanth, Fett would have to meet Mando to get his armor back. The only thing that I don’t understand is why Fett did not go up to Cobb to get it back. Cobb is definitely less threatening than Mando. Once this came into my head I started to think about it and I came to a conclusion. I think Fett never went up to Cobb because Cobb was using his armor for good. That Cobb was using it to protect the place he lived.

I loved the exchange between Mando and Fett because we finally learned about Fett. People have always speculated his back story, but now we all have an answer. Fett was always said to believe that he was not a Mandalorian because he wasn’t from the planet Mandalore. Now, the TV show Mandalorian has slightly reshaped the lore of Mandalore. Now they have said that Mandalorian is more of a Creed than it is a race. Mando finally tells us, the audience, that Jango Fett, Boba Fett’s dad, was a foundling. Then in true Mandalorian fashion Fett makes a deal with Mando. Fett says he will protect the Child and Mando, as long as Mando gives him his armor back.

At this point 2 Imperial ships land and a bunch of Stormtroopers come out and start to shoot at Mando, Fett, and Fennec. This is when it gets greater than great! Seeing all three of them fighting was awesome! ESPECIALLY Fett and his gaffi stick. He completely SMASHES the Stormtroopers! It was crazy! I particularly loved the sound effects they gave Fett’s gaffi stick. If you do not know what a gaffi stick is, it is the weapon of a Tusken Raider. We also got to see a Mortar Stormtrooper! I like the way those guys look. THEN! More greatness starts to happen. . .

FETT PUTS HIS ARMOR BACK ON!! (He may be a little more chunky, but we still love him!) Eeeeeeek! Man. When Fett looked at the Razor Crest I was like “Ohhhhh man here we go!”. I LOVED seeing Fett in action! Especially since we never really got to see him do much in the original trilogy. He would just stand there all BA and we all fell in love with him. So to finally get to see what his armor does was flippin awesome! He had stuff coming out of his knees!! Once he got his armor back Fett pretty much single handedly fought off the Stormtroopers. They all retreated back to their ships.

After this point is when the title of the episode shows why it was called that. The tragedy of this episode is one I did not see coming. . . I really did not see it coming. . . All of a sudden we see a missile come out of the sky. I am thinking it is headed for Baby Yoda. But man was I wrong!! It went straight for the Razor Crest!! THE RAZOR CREST! I almost shed a tear. We then see Moff Gideons ship appear.

After we see his ship, we see Dark Troopers get deployed. At this point my heart sank because I knew where they were going. They were going after my sweet Baby Yoda. My sweet Grogu. Fennec and Mando then run as fast as they can to the seeing stone to try to save Grogu. But. . . As we all know and saw coming. . . They didn’t make it. Grogu was taken. This time he is taken by some comedic Troopers either. Back on Moff’s ship he is going to leave a message for the scientist from the first season that they have the Child back.

One part I thought was cool is when we see that huge force field come across Baby Yoda. Even though we do not see a Jedi come get him, I do feel we will see one come at the end of the episode. A Jedi I think will either come at the end of the season oooooor we will see Ahsoka some at the end and agree to train Grogu.  

Ok I lied. Turns out I did have words to describe this episode. 

Till’ next time!

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