“Christmas Waltz”

📸: Hallmark Crown Media 

The Movie: After Avery’s Christmas wedding is canceled, she still keeps her Waltz classes. Her dance instructor, Roman, helps her face her fears in life and fulfill her dream of learning to dance. 

The Stars: Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp


Chabert and Kemp have WONDERFUL chemistry. I honestly could be a little biased because I absolutely love Lacey Chabert. She is one of my top 2 favorite Hallmark actresses. This movie is Chabert and Kemp’s second time working together. They worked together on “Love, Romance, and Chocolate” which was another great movie they did together. The banter they do back and forth feels real. It does not feel forced between the two.

The way they shot the movie was great! Makes me want to visit New York. If I am being honest all these Hallmark movies make me want to visit wherever they are filming. Christmas time always brings a smile to my face.

Seeing Will Kemp dance was so great! I was first introduced to him on “Step Up 2: The Streets”. In this movie he was the dancing school director. So when I saw he was going to be in a dancing movie I knew it would be great because Kemp knows EXACTLY what he is doing. So to me this bit of information gave the movie a little more umph.

The story of Avery and Roman was a great one. To me it was very believable. As much as I LOVE Hallmark movies, sometimes the plot is a little unrealistic. The ONLY time I felt that way about this movie was when Avery came to visit Roman after his hospital visit and made him breakfast. To me I feel strangers would not do that for each other. Other than that the rest of the movie was wonderful.

This movie is a definite watch!

I give this movie 5 vomits


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