The Mandalorian – Chapter 15 – “The Believer”

📸: Lucasfilm

Hello Mando fans!

2nd to last episode!! I can’t believe this is all coming to an end. It went by so fast!


I am SO happy to see Bill Burr come back as Migs Mayfeld. Bill Burr is one of my top favorite comedians. When he showed up in the first season I immediately started to laugh because he has made fun of Star Wars fans for a while now. So it was funny to see him in an episode. I listened to an interview he did when he talked about it and he said when Favreau came up to him and said, “I am taking over a part of Star Wars and I am writing a part for you. Would you like to be in it?”. Bill said, “I’ve been trashing Star Wars for a long f***** time”. Then Favreau said, “Yeah I know. I think you fans would get a kick out of it”. As a huge fan of Bill Burr I did get a kick out of seeing him in it. I thought it was great! Burr is a wonderful actor. He is great in Breaking Bad and King of Staten Island. Since I am a fan at the end of the spoilers I will write down 3 funny moments from Burr/Mayfeld.

Let’s get into the episode. . . This time instead of just writing down the line I am going to try a different format. I will break it down so it makes it easier. . . 

Scrapyard – Seeing the scrapyard was such an amazing scene. My eyes were darting everywhere trying to take it all in. I absolutely love these kinds of scenes. Seeing all the broken up Tie Fighters, At-At’s, and At-St’s was incredible.

From this episode the one thing I think will forever be engraved in my head is Mayfeld’s inmate number. Inmane 34667. It felt like it was said at least 20 times in like 5 minutes. After his number is engraved in our brains, Cara Dune starts to walk him to Salve 1. When Mayfeld sees Fett and says, “For a second I thought you were this other guy” I was rolling. To be honest I probably laughed more than what is normal, but I am just a huge fan of Bill Burr like I said before. So to me he is on the level that whatever he does is funny.

Boba Fett – Let’s take a minute and  appreciate the new paint job on Boba!!! His armor looks FREAKING GREAT!! I love, Love, LOVE that Boba still has the dent on his helmet. I was laughing when I saw that. But man! His armor was great! I cannot wait for the next convention to see people’s new outfits. It is going to be a great thing to see. Not only see new Boba outfits, but to see all the new outfits from the Mandalorian.

When everyone is picking who will scan their face I loved when Boba said. He said, “Let’s just say they might recognize my face”. As we fans know, his father, Jango, is the template for ALL of the Clones. So yes, if his face got scanned they would definitely recognize him.

Morak – This is the first time we see this Planet. The Imperials have a secret mining facility on the planet. Morak to me sounded a lot like Morag from “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Morag is the planet where Quill gets the Power Stone from. (OK back to Star Wars).

The Juggernaut  – This time together with Mando and Mayfeld was pretty great. It was just another conversation for Mando to think deeply about when it comes to wearing his helmet. Here is that conversation. . .

Mayfeld: “If you were born on Mandalore you believe one thing and if you were born on Alderaan you believe something else. But guess what. Neither one of them exist anymore. I’m a realist. I’m a survivor just like you”

Mando: “Let’s get one thing straight you and I are nothing alike.”

Mayfeld: “I don’t know. It looks like your rules start to change when you get desperate. Look at you. You said you couldn’t take your helmet off, but now you got a stormtrooper helmet on. So what’s the rule. You can’t take off your helmet or you can’t show your face. Cuz there is a difference. Look, i’m just saying we are all the same. Everybody’s got their lines they dont cross until things get messy. As far as i’m concerned, if you can make it through the day and still sleep at night you are doing better than most.”

Rebels/Pirates – Even though Mando said there were Pirates on the Juggernaut, I really do think they were Rebels. I think this because Pirates are there to steal, but these guys didn’t want to steal anything. They were there to blow up the Juggernauts. Rebels are the ones who will try to destroy things the Imperials own. We know they do this because Rebels have been doing this since day 1 of Star Wars. Another great part of this scene is when Mando tries to take bullets like he normally does because he has his Beskar armor. So it was funny because we see Mando learn quickly that he cannot treat Stormtrooper armor like Beskar. That Stormtrooper armor is not the greatest.

Imperial Mining Base: Man, I never thought I would be SO HAPPY to see Stormtroopers and Tie Fighters. Without them our 2 guys would have been blown up by the Pirates/Rebels. 

Name of the Chapter Come to Life: I think the name of the episode is referring to Mayfeld. I think this because at the end of the episode Mayfeld blows up the Imperial base. So I think he started to become a “believer” of the side Mando is on, when they were talking to the commanding officer, Valin Hess. Hess is talking to Mando and Mayfeld about operation Cinder and we can see that Hess fully loves everything that happened on that mission. So this to me is where we see Mayfeld start to change to the good side. Not only does he shoot and kill Ness, but you can see that he is not happy with what happened and he now wants the Imperials to end.

I really liked the end of the episode when Cara Dune and Mando let him go to be a free man after he blew up the Imperial Mining Base.

Terminal – We see Mando at the terminal trying to scan his face under the helmet. When he realizes it won’t work we all knew what was going to happen next. We all knew the helmet would have to come off. Throughout the whole show we know how wonderful of an actor Pedro Pascal is, but I feel at this point we truly see his greatness. When I watched him take off his helmet I truly felt uncomfortable with him.

Valin Hess – This guy was suuuuuper creepy. He did such a wonderful job! Also, I noticed that he was one of the first officers to not have a British accent. 

3 Funny Bill Burr/Mayfeld Moments:

When Mayfeld sees Boba and says “For a second I thought you were this other guy”

When the Pirates get on top of the Juggernaut trying to blow them up Mayfeld says, “You should’ve left me in prison!”

When Mayfeld starts to put on the Stormtrooper outfit he says, “His gloves are still wet”

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