“Captain Marvel 2”

📸: Marvel Studios

This movie will be directed by Nia Dacosta

Returning Characters

Brie Larson – Captain Marvel

New Characters

Teyonah PArris – Monica Rambeau

Iman Vellani – Ms. Marvel

Release Date

November 11, 2022

A Little info on the New Characters

Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel –  She is a Muslim Pakistani teenager. She becomes an Inhuman because a Terrigen Bomb (due to the war between KreeEmpire and Shi’ar Empire) went off and spread Terrigen Mist spread throughout the universe. When Kamala came in contact with the mist she got the ability to stretch her body any way imaginable.

Monica Rambeau – Her mother is Maria Rambeau. Monica was a lieutenant for the New Orleans Harbor Patrol. One day she got caught by an extra dimensional energy that was created by a criminal scientist. This is when she gained powers, became Captain Marvel, and joined the Avengers. She also goes by the name of Spectrum in the new comics.

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