“Soul” – Pixar Does it Again!

📸:  Disney/Pixar

The Plot: This movie is about a part time band teacher, Joe Gardner, who wants to be a jazz pianist. When he is offered a full time teaching position Joe starts to think about if this is what he really wants. An old student of his gives him his chance to become the jazz pianist he has always wanted to be. Joe tries out to be the pianist to Dorothea Williams. After he gets the gig, Joe is so excited he is not aware of his surroundings. He misses a couple of dangerous obstacles but then one finally gets him. He falls into a manhole and he finds himself in the Great Beyond. This is where Joe helps a young soul, named 22, discover their passion/spark. 

The People: Jaime Fox – Joe Gardiner

               Tina Fey – 22

               Pete Doctor – Director

               Kemp Powers – Co-Director

               Jon Batiste – Jazz Music


Man, Pixar really does not shy away from making its audience take a deep dive into one’s self and one’s life. Pixar has done this with multiple movies like “Inside Out”, “Coco”, “Onward”, and “Up”. Even though those 4 movies I mentioned have adult themes, I feel kids could still connect with the movie and the characters. With “Soul”, to me, I feel it is totally geared towards adults. Sometimes I even felt it was a heavy theme for adults. I do feel that even though children may not understand, it would be a GREAT teaching moment for them depending on their age.

With the release of “Soul”, this is Pixar’s first film that not only has a Black lead, but it also has mostly Black characters. I absolutely LOVE this. I love that Pixar is becoming more inclusive 👏

Animation nowadays is becoming so freaking amazing! The stuff they can create and how real they make it look is simply mind blowing. Mind blowing! I have been to New York twice. Now I know it is not enough time to COMPLETELY know what it looks like but, I must say, “Soul” rendition of New York City is beyond amazing. The details are beyond me. Even the animation of the characters! Gosh it is so crazy how realistic they make everything look. Cheers to the animators! 

This was such a beautifully made movie. It reeaaally tugged at my heartstrings. Even though it was a complex movie, the music was OUTSTANDING! And the colors throughout the movie were amazing as well. To me, it’s still not as amazing as “Coco”, but still good! Still good. “Soul” did such a fantastic job at meshing together a comedy and drama movie. They also threw in some spirituality as well. If I am not mistaken I believe this was their first time throwing in a spiritual theme. The creators of this movie did such a wonderful job at letting us know that we should enjoy every moment in our life and to not take things for granted. To really stop and enjoy all the little things life has to offer.

Go watch “Soul”! If you don’t have Disney+ then ask a friend if you can borrow their login! 🤣

I give this movie 10 vomits


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