January – Bugs, Fish, and Sea Creatures

📸: Nintendo

Here are the new January critters for the Southern Hemisphere

There are no new critters in January for Northern Hemisphere


Critter NameLocationTime of DayShadow Size (Fish Only)
Blue MarlinPierAll dayLarge
Ocean SunfishSea4am-9pmHas a fin
PufferSeaAll dayMedium
SweetfishRiverAll dayMedium


Critter NameLocationTime of Day
Blue Weevil Beetle Coconut treesAll day
Brown CicadaTrees8am-5pm
Cicada ShellTreesAll day
Cyclommatus StagCoconut trees5pm-8am
Earth Dung BeetleGroundAll day
Evening CicadaTrees4am-8am
Giant CicadaTrees8am-5pm
Giant StagTrees11pm-8am
Giraffe StagCoconut trees5pm-8am
Golden StagCoconut trees5pm-8am
Horned AtlasCoconut trees5pm-8am
Horned DynastidTrees5pm-8am
Horned ElephantCoconut trees5pm-8am
Horned HerculesCoconut trees5pm-8am
Miyama StagTreesAll day
Robust CicadaTrees8am-5pm
Saw StagTreesAll day
Scarab BeetleTrees11pm-8am
Walking LeafNear trees and looks like a furniture leafAll day
Walking StickTrees4am-8am

Sea Creatures

Critter NameLocationTime of Day
Giant IsopodDiving9am-4pm
Horseshoe CrabDiving9pm-4am
Moon JellyfishDivingAll day

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