“Soul” – Easter Eggs

Here are some Easter Eggs that I caught during the movie.

Pixar Ball


Popular Video of Rat Carrying a Slice of Pizza


There was a hugely popular video on YouTube of a rat dragging a pizza slice down the stairs of the Subway.

Pizza Planet Truck


There are more in here, but the Pizza Planet Truck stuck out to me. The whale to the top left is from “Finding Dory”. There is a pyramid to the right and that could be from “Coco”. It looks like there is the Golden Gate Bridge so that could be from “Big Hero 6” or “Inside Out”. Like I said there are many in these scene 😊 How many did you find?

Partners Statue


You can see this statue in all of the Disney Theme Parks

The Great Jack Kirby


I know there were many names on the wall, but the one that caught my eye the most was Jack Kirby’s name. Jack Kirby is a very famous comic book writer. Love that guy! Love him and the Great Stan Lee.



2319 is an emergency code in Monsters Inc. It is used when there is a sock that gets stuck on one of the monsters when he comes back from scaring kids.

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