“Cobra Kai” – Season 3 – Easter Eggs

Hey Cobra Kai fans!

This season was beyond great! It was everything I wanted and more!

I am happy that Netflix got Cobra Kai from YouTube. This way they can throw more money into the series. The only downfall to me is that now when they are at conventions this means the halls will now be packed. I remember after the first season they were at WonderCon or ComicCon. I cannot remember 😅. In the room they were in there were no more than 50 people, but now having Netflix attached to its name only means, like I said, whatever hall they are in is going to be packed. At the end of the day I am happy for the cast that their popularity is growing because there are no better fans than the ones at the conventions. So the cast will get to see what it is like to have a full room.

The creators of this show have done such a fantastic job. It is perfectly written, cast, and shot. I have zero complaints about the show. Don’t get me wrong. There are some characters I am kind of over (I’m looking at you Robby), but I say kudos to the writing and the actors. I say kudos because that means they are doing their job to where I am completely invested and seeing them as if it were real life characters (Like Joffrey from Game of Thrones 😡).

🚨Easter Eggs will Give Spoilers🚨

While watching the newest season I realized that there were a handful of easter eggs. So I thought I would share with you my findings.

Let me know if I missed any! 😊


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We get to see Kumiko come back! When Daniel went to Okinawa and he was watching the dancers to myself I was like, “No way, no way, no way. They didn’t. Maybe they did? They do have money”. THEY DID! What a wonderful surprise. I love that it was also the original actress. Even if it wasn’t I still would have liked it, but not as much 😂. I do like that they had tea together. Just like they did in the second Karate Kid. So that was a nice easter egg.

If you don’t remember Kumiko here is a little background on her in The Karate Kid Part II

Daniel meets Kumiko when he and Mr. Miyagi go to Miyagi’s hometown in Okinawa. Kumiko is the niece of the woman Miyagi loved when he was living in Japan. Kumiko and Daniel have a small fling during the film.

Ice for Cocktails

Netflix and Entertainment Weekly

Another fun easter egg they dropped for us was when Daniel and Kumiko were enjoying cocktails at the bar. We see the ice for the drinks are smashed from large blocks of ice. This is a flashback to the scene in The Karate Kid Part II when Daniel has to smash blocks of ice when a wager is placed with Sato (Miyagi’s rival) and Chozen (Sato’s student).


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Next bombshell dropped on us is Chozen! When he walked into the bar I was so shocked! I couldn’t believe in this same episode we get Kumiko AND Chozen. It was also nice to see that after all these years Kumiko forgave Chozen. It was great to see that and to see that Chozen now watches over Miyagi’s Dojo.


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Just when you think it could not get any better. . . BAM! . . We are hit again with the last blast from the past. This time it is Yuna. Yuna is the little girl Daniel saved when the hurricane was coming. When we meet her in Cobra Kai she is still friends with Kumiko. We learn that Yuna is an executive for the auto manufacturer that Daniel met with earlier to try to save his business but they said no. So lucky for Daniel that he saved her in the second movie.

The Nose Honk Move

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Netflix and Entertainment Weekly

I laughed so hard when this scene came up. To see them bring back around this move had me dying! In The Karate Kid Part II this is towards the end when Chozen holds Kumiko hostage with a knife. So Daniel then saves her and tells Chozen he will fight him to the death. As we all know instead of killing Chozen, Daniel spares his life (and give him a honk on the nose) making him live in shame.

Balancing on the Boat

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In Karate Kid Miyagi takes Daniel out on his boat to teach him balance. In the third season of Cobra Kai, Daniel takes Sam out fishing and they joke together about making her balance on the boat.

Golf n Stuff


I know that Golf N’ Stuff has been shown throughout the series, but I thought this was a good little easter egg because Ali and Daniel went here on their first date. Now when Ali and Johnny reconnect this is their first stop after they eat lunch. If I am not mistaken when Ali and Johnny are at Golf N’ Stuff they use the same song when Ali and Daniel were there. The song is Feel The Night by Baxter Robertson.

Ali and Daniel’s Breakup

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In The Karate Kid Part II Daniel tells Miyagi that his car is not running correctly because Ali borrowed the car. Daniel also says that Ali told him that she had fallen in love with a football player from UCLA. When they catch up in Cobra Kai season 3 Ali clears the air and tells Daniel that he had it all wrong. That she told him the car was going to break down soon and that she was talking to a guy from UCLA and he assumed she liked him.

The Return of Terry Silver

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At the very end of this season we see Kreese call someone to ask for help. Even though we do not know who is on the other end we can make a safe bet that it is Terry Silver. Silver was the villain in The Karate Kid Part III. Throughout this season of Cobra Kai we see many flashbacks into Kreese’s time in Vietnam and how he has a bong with a fellow soldier named “Twig”. We can also make a safe bet it will be Terry Silver because they were doing many flashbacks and Kreese does hold the Vietnam photo up before he makes the phone call.

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