“A New Year’s Resolution”

📸: Hallmark Crown Media

The Plot: A morning show producer makes a New Year’s resolution to say yes more.

The Stars: Aimee Teegarden and Michael Rady


The chemistry between Teegarden and Rady is. . . ok. I say it is ok because coming off of Taking a Shot at Love the chemistry between those two was great! Teegarden and Rady wasn’t the WORST, but it wasn’t the greatest either. Rady I feel was trying to pull it all together all by himself. This movie was such a great storyline too! I really do think the one best for this job would have been Kimberly Sustad and Paul Campbell. NOW those two have WONDERFUL chemistry. . . Then again I am a bit biased because I really do love them together. Their movies together are on my DVR still 😅

I enjoyed the overall theme of the movie. I believe we can all connect with this movie because I truly do believe a lot of us say no to more than what we should. Us saying no to friends and family is making us miss out on the little and big things. Even though some things might be little, it can lead to something big. Especially at a time like this where we all can’t be with each other, makes me realize that I myself need to be a better friend and stay more in touch with my friends (I really do because a good handful are in other states 😥).

So this movie makes me want to do the whole YES thing when this pandemic is finally over!

One thing about this movie that is different, that I can appreciate, from all the others is that the couple faces the conflict head on. Even though we ALL know it is not going to work out, but I like that there was no hiding or being mysterious or unnecessarily blowing something out of proportion. I really did like that they were open and honest with what was happening at the bank and her team of journalists wanting to write the story. So see, at the end of the day COMMUNICATION is key!

There were three moments that I thoroughly enjoyed in this movie was (1) when Kelly and Tom first met. I liked that it was in a restaurant on a dare. I can see this happening in real life. So I’m a fan. (2) Tom told Kelly that she has to ask him out because she is saying yes to no matter what it is. So he wants it to be real when they go out. (3) I was busting up when it was the speed dating scene and Tom was offering Kelly and her friends to be with him in the VIP box for the hockey game. Kelly was about to say no and Kelly’s friend legit leaned back in her chair and said yes they will be happy to join him. Like who in the heck in the right mind would turn down a VIP box?! Even though I may not know sports, but I do know to say yes to a VIP box at a sporting event.

One moment I did NOT enjoy was when Tom said he did not like cheese fries. That honestly stung me in the heart because French fries are MY THING. I LOOOOOVE regular fries and loaded fries. You can’t go wrong with that kind of dish. Especially at a sporting event (Except the nacho hat they offer at the Angel’s Stadium). So it really hurt me when he said he did not like cheese fries. I almost cried.

Overall, this was an enjoyable movie. Is it one to re-watch, I am going to say no. If it had another actress I would say it does have a re-watchable quality.

I give this movie 3 vomits


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