“Taking a Shot at Love”

📸: Hallmark Crown Media

I give this movie 4 out of 10 vomits


The Movie: Former professional ballet dancer, Jenna, works with NHL star, Ryan Cooper, to help him recover from an injury using ballet as therapy.

The Stars: Alexa PenaVega and Luke Macfarlane


This was such a lovely movie to start off the new year. New year means a whole new year of Hallmark movies 👏

PenaVega and Macfarlane are such a wonderful pair. Although I do love it when PenaVega and her husband are paired together. PenaVega and Macfarlane are a really great duo! Their chemistry feels real. So kudos to their acting!

I enjoyed that this movie was more realistic than others have been. Well. Maybe realistic is the wrong word, but I have felt lately Hallmark has been making their movies with a bit more realism and more realistic of how the couples are falling in love. Don’t get me wrong! I still love the there is a blizzard so we have to share a car. So this movie they have a NHL star who has an ankle injury and he needs to go get special therapy for it. Jenna (I do feel that ever since PenaVega was on DWTS she has done more dancing movies 🤨), the ballet instructor, is trying to save her ballet studio. These 2 problems to me are real because athletes are constantly getting injured. Overall, this movie really captures the meaning of getting a fresh start.

I am a huge fan of Jenna and Ryan’s characters because Jenna does not come off as a damsel in distress and Ryan is not some hot headed jock. I LOVE that Jenna is a strong woman who knows what she has to do to save her studio. That she just isn’t waiting for some miracle to happen. Jenna has a warmth to her where you know she will be a great friend and have your best interest at heart.

The way they wrote Ryan’s character makes me a bigger fan of this movie. I love that they steered away from the jock stereotype. With Ryan getting help from a ballet instructor they could have easily wrote that Ryan talks down on ballet, but then likes it at the end. I love that right off the bat he like ballet and does not talk down about it or drag his feet when he is at therapy. I LOVE that Ryan helps out Felix too when other people are teasing him.

After our 2 lovers meet, there really isn’t much that happens. To be honest, even though I enjoyed the movie, not toooooo much happens. Then again, I do like that they don’t get too crazy with it because I feel this is how a friendship does grow. It doesn’t just happen super fast. You need to get a feel for the person and slowly start a bond. In Jenna and Ryan’s case, their friendship turns into love (Awwwwww). We get to see a natural progression in this movie and I respect that.

The Hallmark movies that don’t have a crazy plot twist with an ex or fiancé is always nice to get away from. Sometimes, I won’t lie, I do like the drama of things, but it is nice to just focus on the romance with no distractions.

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