“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” – Part 4

📸: Netflix


This newest, and last season, of Sabrina was way better to me than season 3. Season 3 was good, but I was NOT a fan of the musical aspect of it. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE musicals, but to me it didn’t fit because the other 2 seasons did not do that. So it threw me off.

Even though it was better, it still to me wasn’t as great as I was hoping. I honestly think there was just too much happening at the same time. On top of that EVERY episode was a different terror. These terrors are supposed to be all cosmic and all powerful like and I DID NOT get that vibe at all. To me it all just seemed a little messy. Since they knew it was their last season, they wanted to throw in as much as they could.So I don’t have much to say about this season because I really do feel it was all just thrown together.

I am also over Father Blackwood. They made him such a creepy character that would have been a great villain throughout, but I feel like they under utilized him. He no longer had that gusto that made him, him. He became very weak. That to me was a lot down because he would have been such a great ally to the Eldritch Terrors. He did NOTHING to help them succeed.

One GREAT thing to come out of this season was the cameo from the aunts on the original Sabrina The Teenage Witch tv series 😱. Caroline Rhea (Hilda) and Beth Broderick (Zelda). I legit screamed when they came out because I absolutely love them! Gosh I miss the original Sabrina. Seeing a cameo from these two I was really hoping for one from Melissa Joan Hart. That would have been freaking cool. Even if they showed her as a dead previous Sabrina I would have been fine with (Like the ones they send to the green room).

Honestly, other than the original aunt’s making a cameo there was nothing that made this season good. It wasn’t AWFUL, but it wasn’t great. It will be an easy season to forget. Left me in a very blah state. Which is so sad because I LOVED season 1 and 2.

Here is the list of the not so scary, easy to defeat, Eldritch Terrors.

The Darkness – Absorbs light to create despair and to have absolute darkness.

The Weird – It is a squid parasite that merges into people’s consciousness.

The Uninvited – Tears out people’s hearts if they do not invite him in their home and feed him.

The Void – Absolute nothingness.

The Perverse – Warped reality.

The Cosmic – Distorts time.

The Returned – Brings back people from the dead.

The Endless – Time loop.

Writing them out the Terrors sound menacing. . . But they weren’t. Sabrina made them sound scarier than what they really were.

Oh! I almost forgot.


Nick DIES! I understand that Nick and Sabrina loved each other, but I did not feel that. I did NOT get that chemistry at all between them. The only way I knew they loved each other was because they said so. Before Sabrina dies Nick confesses his true feelings. I know it is supposed to be this HUGE moment, but it fell flat. VERY flat! Then at the end he kills himself to be with Sabrina and I was like. . . Meh. 😩

So that’s all I have to say about this season. I know it is a very flat review. But I am honestly not even thrilled to be writing this. It honestly took me 3 days to sit and write because I have nothing to really say about it. 

If you haven’t watched it yet I say watch it anyway just so you can say you finished the series. But if you don’t that’s ok too. But hey! Maybe you will like it more than I did.🙃

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