“WandaVision” – Episodes 1 and 2 – “Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience ” and “Don’t Touch That Dial”

📸: Marvel Studios

Hey WandaVision fans!

This was a creepy, but great 2 episodes! 

. . . Ok. I must not tell lies. . .

I am going to be honest with you guys. I did not like the show the first time around. I had to rewatch it. Now. After I did that I was sold. I watched it a total of 3 times. I did that so I could reeeaally get a feel for the show, and to see what I might have missed.

Two bones I have to pick are that (1) I wish the shows were longer and (2) that I thought it was going to be more similar to the Mandalorian. In the sense that anyone could jump in and watch it. I feel that those who are not familiar with these characters or the MCU are going to be lost. The more I think about it, maybe they won’t be lost because I was confused too while watching it . . . Other than that. No complaints! 

When I was at D23 last year I was at the main event when they were talking about the new Disney+ shows. When they were talking about WandaVision I was a bit hesitant. I was hesitant because the way they were describing it did not make sense to me. Even the host did not know how to explain the show. So I was skeptical about it coming out. Now that it is finally here I TOTALLY understand why they were having such a hard time.


This whole set up they have is amazing. They did such a fantastic job at creating a sitcom. It is just like watching Bewitched or I Love Lucy. What is great too is that you can TOTALLY tell that Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are having a BLAST. You can tell they were having a great time on set. You can see it in their faces. Seeing them having fun and enjoying their time really makes me enjoy it as well. Their love for the show is infectious.

Even the commercials tie into everything. Everything we see is for a reason. Also, for the time period they are in, the commercials are on point as well. When they talk about women being the accessory when they introduce the Hydra watch and by them saying women are burning the toast. As we all know back then women were meant to be in the kitchen and to always look good for men.

Another thing I want to give kudos to is the casting person. Oh. My. Goodness. It is perfect! Everyone they got is simply amazing. When the cast came out at D23 I was like dang that’s a weird mix of people, but now seeing them together they all work so well! Even though the actors all have different acting backgrounds, they all blend together so seamlessly. Debra Jo Rupp is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I LOVED her as Kitty on That 70’s Show.

Side note. I am sure Paul Bettany is happy he does not always have to get in the Vision getup anymore. He can let his face breathe! 

Ok. Enough love fest. Let’s get into the two episodes.

Wanda’s Powers

So, I like that we are FINALLY going to see Wanda use her powers. Throughout the MCU we have not seen everything she can do. To me she has always been just a side character. A strong side character. Us as an audience have no idea the limits to Wanda’s powers. We get a glimpse of her powers when she is cooking dinner for Vision’s boss. We see her CHANGE A CHICKEN BACK TO AND EGG. BACK TO AN EGG! And she also snaps a dress?! Like what the freaking heck?! And then at the end of the second episode SHE MAKES HERSELF PREGNANT?! What the actual heck. I know in the comics she is pregnant, but still. That is some next level power to create life.

Throughout the movies even the other heroes never get into Wanda’s powers. The only one who acknowledged her was Okoye. Okoye mentions her in Infinity War when they are being attacked. Wanda leaves Vision and comes to fight “Why was she up there all this time?”. Not only does Wanda help out a lot at Wakanda in Infinity War, Wanda heals Vision, shows Tony Stark the future, DESTROYED an infinity stone, AND she effed up Thanos the most on Endgame. She is a powerful human. . . or maybe Mutant? Now that X-Men will be coming to MCU she can fall under that category.

What Wanda is Going Through

You know. Looking back at the movies I realized that we never deal with Wanda’s emotions. She is going through a lot of emotions and no one tries to help her through them. They just lock her away and that’s it. Maybe Marvel forgot to do this and explore her powers, or they knew this is what they wanted. Wanda never dealt with the loss of her brother, the loss of the love of her life, and feeling personally responsible for what happened in Sokovia. With that much not being dealt with emotionally can really harm a person.

Creepy Horror Feel

I do like that not only did they make this like a sitcom, but it is not a normal one. Well ok I know that is obvious, but I mean that I think they are making this into a horror/thriller sitcom. We see these creepy moments when Vision’s boss is choking at their dinner table, then everything goes back to normal when Vision saves him. We see it again when Dotty cuts her hand, then goes back to normal. We still get that creepy feeling when we see the beekeeper, the person at the end of the episode who looks like they are watching Wanda, and when we hear the voice over the radio.

What I Think is Going On

I think the new Doctor Strange movie is going to deal a lot with what is happening to Wanda. . . I think people are trying to help out Wanda, but she is so immersed in her grief that she has created a reality for herself. Where she can live happily with Vision and have everything she wanted with him. I am thinking this because we hear the voice coming over the radio asking who did this to her, but everyone is not aware that she is doing it to herself. The people who do make it into her reality to help quickly forget what they went there for. That is why everyone does not have a full story and they cannot answer certain questions.

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