WandaVision – Episode 4 – “We Interrupt This Program”

📸: Marvel Studios

Oh my freaking gosh this show!!!! It keeps getting better and better! Even though my theory of everything is coming true, I am still 100% enjoying this show.

I still wish the episodes were longer! Actually. Now knowing how LEGIT this show is, I wish they would have made it into a movie. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD!! It could have been like a creepy, horror, suspense thriller kind of movie. (I hope that made sense 😅)

All I will say is. . . Trust the process. I forgot that way back when they first announced the show. Trust the process.

🔴 Spoilers 🔴 

What the actual heck?! Like. What. The. Actual. Heck?!

I know I keep saying it. But this show is soooooooo good!

I am going to be a little all over this place on this episode because it was so good and man so much is happening and I want to get all my thoughts out 😅

Ok. Seeing everyone re materialize is freaking insane! INSANE! 🤯

Seeing Monica Rambeau come back was super intense! It is also the first time we find out that she was snapped out of existence during Infinity War. This was also the first time we have seen someone re materialize after Iron Man snaps everyone back. The way they did it, I feel that is EXACTLY what would happen. That there would just be chaos EVERYWHERE. Especially in a hospital.

I don’t know if you guys caught it, but I caught it on the second time around that when Monica comes back you can hear Captain Marvel. It sounds like Carol is talking to Maria Rambeau. I think you can also hear Carol talking to Monica.

I was wrong on one of my theories though. I thought Wanda was making this all up in her mind. BUUUUUUT in actuality she took over a whole town! Not only did she take over a whole town, but the people around the town she has made everyone forget that Westview exists.

I love that Peggy Carter founded SHIELD and Maria Rambeau founded SWORD. Two strong powerful women.

OK. So with them showing Monica come back after the blip, I think Wanda is before Spiderman Far From Home. With SWORD having a hard time with a space program not going smoothly because of the blip, the scene with Nick Fury at the end of Spiderman Far From Home means something a little different now.

When Monica and Hayward are walking through SWORD, we see that they are building a ship. I know that has to do with SOMETHING. But I cannot connect what the ship goes to 🥴

There is something that we are missing because as soon as Hayward sees it is Wanda and Vision he leaves. He LEFT the scene! So he HAS TO KNOW what is going on. Or maybe he is leaving to get help? I am not sure. This is something that they are keeping a secret from us.

Side thought. . .  The astronaut training program. Do we think this is a reference to Fantastic Four? No? Just me? ok.

Since this is more of a horror show, I am starting to think that Wanda has Visions body. That’s why we get that Vision of him dead. She could have stole his body and is using that. I also think she is putting Vision and Pietro together because the other episode when Vision is a speed demon that could be more of Pietro’s powers. This comes to mind because I don’t think we have ever seen Vision move THAT fast.

I noticed that Agnes has still not been identified yet. So my theory of her being Agnes Harkness is growing.

A weird thing Jimmy said there is something that does not want him in, but then Monica went in. So who knows if they can both feel something around the force field, but with Monica’s personality she would be the one who touches it. I have no idea if Jimmy has touched it.

Another side note. I CANNOT wait until Monica comes into her powers. I am so happy that Teyonah Parris went from Don Draper’s secretary to Monica Rambeau!  🙌

What the heck happened to beehive guy?! We see Monica come back! But we did not see beehive guy come back?! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?! Then for Wanda to kick out Monica the way she did was violent. VIOLENT! She also called her a enemy. Wanda knows exactly what she is doing. What’s scary is that to throw Monica out, it took ZERO effort. This is why I think This might be a. . .

What if this is a villain origin story?? 🤨

🟢 Easter Eggs 🟢

  1. Monica and Hayward are walking through SWORD. Hayward tells Monica that they are focusing on Nano technology. Nano technology is what Tony Stark’s suit is now made of.
  2. Monica tells Hayward that space is full of threats and allies. That is a nod to Captain Marvel because she knew everything that was happening with the Skrull.
  3. Jimmy Woo has perfected the magic trick that Scott Lang did to him in Ant-Man and the Wasp. (I loooooove Jimmy Woo).Ant Man Magic Trick
  4. There is a comic book issue #12 released in 2985. On the side of Monica Rambeau’s car it says number s-8512WandaVision Easter Egg Comic
  5. Vision makes his first appearance in Avengers Issue #57. So I think the number on the drone is a nod to that.WandaVision Easter Egg Comic Number
  6. I feel the drone also has the same colors as Captain Marvel. Since Maria founded SWORD, it makes sense that those are the colors they use.
  7. Darcy says that she picked up radiation that dates back to the Big Bang. Wong, from Doctor Strange, tells the story that because of the Big Bang, all the Infinity Stones hurled across the universe.

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