“Finding ‘Ohana” – Movie Review”

📸: Netflix

🟢 The Stars ðŸŸ¢

  • Kea Peahu – Pili
  • Alex Aiono – Ioane
  • Lindsay Watson – Hana
  • Owen Vacarro – Casper
  • Branscombe Richmond – Kimo
  • Kelly Hu – Leilani

🟢 Movie Plot 🟢

A summer in rural Oahu takes an exciting turn for two Brooklyn-raised siblings when a journal pointing to long-lost treasure sets them on an epic adventure with new friends, and leads them to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage.

I give this movie 9 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Non Spoiler Review 🟢

This movie was beyond enjoyable to watch! I was laughing so much! This movie is worth the watch if you are seeking for a new fun adventure movie. This is a family friendly movie that is perfect for kids AND adults. To me it is a must see movie if you want to have an enjoyable time.

It was a very well written movie. I appreciate that they were doing a Goonies adaption, but did not copy The Goonies EXACTLY. That is what I was afraid of, that they would just do an exact copy of that movie. Finding ‘Ohana was different in it’s own way. So I like that they kept the essence of The Goonies, but added their own flair. Finding ‘Ohana will keep your attention throughout the whole movie.

The chemistry between all of the characters is wonderful. They all worked well and played well off of each other. Even the dad and daughter duo was great! Kudos to the person who does the casting. Also, kudos to all the actors in this movie. I feel since they are all close in age they were all able to get along greatly.

My FAVORITE character in the whole movie is Ioane. He is the freaking best! I was busting up at all the things he did and say. He is such a ridiculous character that I love him so much 😂

The way this movie was made was very well done. Honestly I feel that any movie filmed in Hawaii will always be beautiful. How can it not be with such breathtaking backgrounds. I feel there was not many different camera angles to be used, but I felt the movie flowed perfectly. Nothing felt choppy and nothing felt out of place.

Family was a major theme for this movie and I was all for it! I am HUGE on family. Many people will be able to connect with this family dynamic that has a brother and sister who have a hard time getting along and a broken bond between dad and daughter. So I truly appreciate when a family dynamic is done well. I would do anything for family, so I can understand why Pili and the gang went on an adventure to help their family.

The only thing I disliked about the movie was that sometimes I felt Pili could be a bit much. Her dialogue sometimes did not come off as authentic. I know girls and women who have that kind of personality and they come off more natural than the character of Pili does. I’m am gonna go ahead and say that this is that actresses fault for Pili to not come off natural. Maybe Kea should have spent a little more time with the dialogue? Especially if this is nothing like the way she speaks in real life. This is honestly the only bone I have to pick with the movie, but even at that it is very minor to me. I still enjoyed Kea’s performance.

Overall, I say YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT! Like I said earlier. If you enjoyed The Goonies then I really think you are going to enjoy this take on that same story. There is even a line and a person you will recognize 😉 I will definitely be watching this movie again when I need a good adventure and a good laugh.

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