WandaVision – Episode 5 Review – “On a Very Special Episode”

📸: Disney Plus / Marvel Comics

WandaVision just keeps getting better and better every week. I love how much care and effort they put into making this show. It honestly feels like they could have just made this into a movie.

🔴 Spoilers 🔴

This episode is no different from all the other episodes. . . FULL of Easter eggs.

So let’s get into it.

🟢 Aerospace Engineer 🟢

Darcy says at one point that she knows an aerospace engineer. She says this when her and Monica are coming up with ways to protect themselves. Makes me wonder if Darcy could be talking about Reed Richards?! It would not be THAT far of a stretch since Disney has already announced that they will be doing a Fantastic Four movie. 

🟢 Agnes ðŸŸ¢

Dudes, when Agnes came over to help Wanda and Vision with the babies and broke character I felt suuuuuuper uncomfortable. SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE. I felt this way because she broke character in front of Vision. IN FRONT OF VIISON! Maybe this was her way of trying to give Vision a hint that they are all under Wanda’s control.

You know, also with Agnes, do we think that she might be a creation of Wanda’s subconscious? I say this because she is THE ONLY ONE who is not scared of Wanda. Everyone else acts all weird, but she is the only one who does not seem scared. Maybe she is Wanda’s helper to regulate the community??

Another thing with Agnes is that she still does not have a doppelganger. Knowing this makes me scratch my head. So like where is she coming from?

🟢 Avengers 113 🟢

In this room there is also a reference back to the comics. There is a reference to Avengers 113 “Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions!”. This comic is about how regular people are sickened at the site of Scarlet Witch, a mutant, is in love with Vision, an android. People band together and send the Avenger hate mail and a different group gets together and creates bombs. These group of extremists strap themselves with bombs that are set off by detonators.

The Avengers go after these people but one person was able to get close enough to Vision to set off their bomb. They succeeded in hurting him. Tony Stark takes Vision and tries to repair him. Tony is able to repair him, but Wanda is beyond angry at everyone for not approving of their relationship.

🟢 Commercials 🟢

It took me freaking long enough to realize that these commercials we have been seeing have to deal with Wanda’s traumatic past 🤷‍♂️

  • Toaster is Stark Industries – His companies bomb is the one that killed her parents
  • Hydra Watch – Signifies that Hydra gave her and Pietro their powers. The name of the watch is Strücker. Which is in reference to Baron von Strücker who was lead scientist who gave Pietro and Wanda their powers.
  • Hydra Soap – A tagline was “When you want to get away, but you don’t want to go anywhere”. This could be pointing at that Wanda and the residents of West View are stuck there. 
  • Lagos – The juice is red because there is blood on Wanda’s hand

🟢 Monica Rambeau 🟢

Monica says something that I have been thinking this whole time. . . Monica says that when she was in the hex, she could feel Wanda inside her mind, but all she could feel was massive amounts of grief. I have always said this is Wanda’s way of dealing with the grief of her brother’s death, Vision’s death, and the death of the people she killed in Captain America Civil War.

As some of us know that Monica actually becomes a hero named Spectrum. When Monica was in the doctor’s getting her lab work done it all came back blank. It was just a bright light. Monica/Spectrum’s power is her ability to turn into pure energy. So maybe when Wanda pulled her into her reality she knew Monica was good and that she could help her. When Wanda snaps and kicks her out maybe this is how Monica gets her powers. In the comics she does get her powers in a weird way. She was hit with an extradimensional energy and got her powers that way. That could be possible by her getting sucked in and kicked out of Wanda’s reality.

🟢 Quicksilver / Pietro 🟢

So this was freaking crazy. I figured Pietro was going to come back, but I was still shook when it came. What is cool too is that it is the same actor from the X-Men movies, NOT the one we know from Avengers Age of Ultron. Since we know Wanda cannot bring living things back from the dead, what if she took this Quicksilver/Pietro from a different universe? 

If this is true the we reeaaallly need to take another look at Spiderman Far From Home. In Spiderman they talk about the multiverse and they all seem pretty chill about it. Since we know WandaVision takes place BEFORE Spiderman we could guess that in Spiderman they are cool with talks of multiverse because they have seen it before. And maybe Jay Jonah Jameson being played again by J.K. Simmons means he could have been from another universe.

🟢 Scarlet Witch 🟢

I LOVE that Hayward asked Jimmy if Wanda goes by an alias. If she goes by any other funny name. We all know this is in reference to her name in the comic books. I like that they tip toed around the name because it reminded me of Avengers when Captain always came close to saying “Avengers Assemble”. Captain never said it until the very last movie. So to me I wonder if Wanda will get her name by the time this series is over.

🟢 Sitcom References 🟢

The opening sequence is a reference to Growing PainsFull House, and Family Ties.

Vision baby photos are the freaking cutest thing I have ever seen!! Well, next to Baby Yoda of course 😂

Also the lyrics for the intro are kind of creepy too. Here are the lyrics. . .

  • You enter the world with a vision of what life could be
  • But then the years come and teach you to just wait and see
  • Forces may try to pull us apart
  • But nothing can phase me if you’re in my heart
  • Crossing our fingers singing a song
  • We’re making it up as we’re going along
  • Through the highs and the lows
  • We’ll be right, we’ll be wrong
  • We’re making it up as we’re going along
  • And there will be days we don’t know which way to go
  • We’ll take it higher you’re all I desire
  • When the going gets tough
  • When push comes to shove
  • We’re making it up
  • Cause we’ve got love

🟢 Sparky 🟢

This is a reference to the comic where Vision creates a dog for himself and the dog has some powers himself.

Sparky the Dog

🟢 Tommy and Billy 🟢

Ok. At first I thought them growing up fast was crazy, but after watching this episode again I think I have an understanding of what is happening. I now think this is happening because Wanda cannot cope with emotions so she ages the kids so it will get easier.

The babies are crying and crying and Wanda does not know what to do. So she tries to make them sleep with her powers, but it is not working. Because Wanda is overwhelmed so she ages the kids. When this happens again it is because the kids are gonna cry again so they age again so they can have a puppy. 

Also what is creepy with Tommy and Billy is that they have a sense for what is happening when no one else does. We see this when they tell Wanda it is Saturday and she says no it is Monday. I know this shows a little of Wanda losing control, but like I said, it also shows her kids having an understanding of what is happening.

🟢 Vision and Wanda 🟢

The scene when Vision is at work is gnarly. It was crazy to see Vision touch Norm and Wanda’s hold on him breaks. Then when Vision touches him again, he goes back into the dream world. Kudos to that actor though from going to everything is fine, to oh my gosh save me, back to everything is fine. Anyway, I think this shows us that Vision does have the capability to break Wanda’s spell.

Back in Captain America Civil War I remember Vision telling Wanda that if more people start to realize what she can do with her powers the more people will fear her.

🟢 Vision’s Body 🟢

Hayward this WHOLE time new Wanda stole Vision’s body and said nothing. NOTHING! How the heck do you just keep that on the down low?? Come on dude. Anyway. With him being so secretive makes me not like Hayward anymore. Makes me feel him and his team were probably doing something that they were not supposed to be doing. What if he was trying to make weapons similar to Vision? 

It was also fishy the scene when Darcy is gonna call Hayward a D I C K, but instead it switches over to terrorist. Now I know Hayward was saying that about Wanda, but nothing is cut the way it is just because. So this could be foreshadowing. I think this because when we see Vision’s body, it is in pieces. He DID NOT die that way. So I think Hayward was trying to make him into a weapon. Maybe bring back Ultron?? Maybe Hayward is Hydra?? Like what the heck did SWORD do with Vision’s body for 5 years before Wanda came back from the blip??

Also, the scene we see with Wanda taking Vision’s body is the EXACT scene from the comics. The comic is called West Coast Avengers

Vision Body in Avengers Comic

🟢 Wanda’s Powers 🟢

Under the Wanda file in the briefing room we FINALLY get a list of Wanda’s powers. This is THE FIRST time they have acknowledged her powers.

  • Neuroelectronic Interfacing
  • Telekinesis
  • Mental Manipulation

Also, in the comics Wanda’s powers are known as hex magic. So maybe that is why we have hexagonal shapes everywhere and maybe it is why Darcy calls Wanda’s reality the hex??

I am also starting to think that everything Wanda is doing is her subconscious. Or maybe she does know what she is doing. Either way, it is a scary thought.

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