WandaVision – Episode 7 Review – “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

📸: Marvel Studios

Hey WandaVision fans!


To me this show is pretty much just a movie chopped up in 30 minute increments. 

Let’s dive right into the episode because this one was just so freaking good!!

🔴 Spoilers 🔴

🟢 After Credit Scene🟢

Monica Rambeau After Credit Scene

Marvel is so good. They know they have us in the palm of their hands. Only they can give us an after credit scene, have none, then have another one, and know that we fans will always stay to the end of the credits. 

🟢 Agnes. . . Er. . . Agatha Harkness 🟢


Agatha, Agatha, Agatha. . . MAN SHE IS GOOD! MARVEL IS GOOD! Kathryn Hahn is good!

Here are a few thoughts I have about Agatha. . .

  1. When she saw Monica talking to Wanda she is looking at them from a window nearby. Now. I don’t know if you guys noticed, I’m sure you did, but I noticed that the window she was at WAS NOT the same house she was in with the twins. She gets to Wanda extremely quick, but when she takes Wanda home they have a bit of a walk.
  2. I think Agatha is worried about Monica. I think she feels Monica can actually pull Wanda over to her side. If she does then Agnes won’t be able to keep taking her power away from her. So that’s why Agatha hurries over to Wanda to take her way from Monica.
  3. I did NOT know I needed Agatha’s song at the end until it happened. I LOVED every part of that song. I also had a feeling Agatha killed Sparky, but I was not 100% sure. Now that she said she did kill him. I feel she did that so she could eat up more of Wanda’s magic.
  4. I think Agatha’s “husband” is dead. Honestly I do not think she even has one. She probably killed the person who lived in the house she has now taken over.
  5. Man. I just about died when Agatha told the camera that she actually bit a kid once. Who knew that this would foreshadow the ending! Ok. I don’t know if it is just me. But I really do think Agatha did something to the kids. I think she absorbed them to gain more power.
  6. Also, I think Agatha came to West View because she sensed Wanda using her powers. Since Wanda is using a ton of power Agatha knew she could use her to gain more power.

🟢 Agatha Basement / House 🟢

Agatha Basement

Dudes. Once Wanda sensed that her kids weren’t in Agatha’s house I knew we have now entered into a horror story. Even Wanda going into the basement was freaky. It honestly reminded me of the upside down on Stranger Things

The Upside Down📸: Netflix

When Wanda goes into the basement, Agatha tells her that she isn’t the only one in this town who has magic powers. So I am thinking that there might be others in this town. Either others are in this town or she will signal others to come into town. Maybe Mephisto??? We did see a bug on Agatha’s curtains. In the comic Avengers #38 Mephisto turns into an ugly bug that looks identical to the bug we see on the curtain. 

With us only having two episodes left I am not sure if we will see Mephisto. Maybe that will be left for the MCU movies??

Also in Agatha’s basement we see this creepy book that has magic all around it.


This book can either be the Darkhold book or the Necronomicon book. Darkhold and Necronomicon are both books that are filled with dark magic. The one that seems a little more likely to me is that the book is Necronomicon because this book in the comics at a point belongs to Wanda, Agatha, and Doctor Strange.

🟢 Commercial 🟢


This was a pretty interesting commercial because Nexus in the comics is a cross dimensional gateway that connects all realities.

🟢 Darcy 🟢

I am so happy that Darcy was not turned into a clown. I like that she was pretty much a free person. This might be because even though Wanda has created a reality. She still knows deep down who is a good person. Similar to Wanda giving Monica powers.

🟢 Ebony 🟢

In the comics Agatha has a familiar called Ebony, but in the comics it is a cat. I now think the bunny she has in her house is Ebony. Now, in the comics Ebony could turn into a large wildcat. What if in this series the gave Ebony the ability to turn into anything Agatha wants. . . saaaaayyy Pietro?? But that could be crazy thinking.

🟢 Hayward 🟢

Even though we only get a quick glimpse at him, he still scares me. He even told his team that they are launching today. Like what is he launching?!

🟢 Monica 🟢

When she broke through the hex I thought it was freaking amazing! She is able to see ALL of the hex magic flowing through West View. I am loving her origin story! So I know with her name she can either go with Spectrum or Photon. I know that Photon was her mom’s name, so she could use that in her memory.

I really do think Monica is Layla Miller from House of M. I am not saying this is Layla in disguise. In House of M, when Wanda creates her new reality she creates a little girl named Layla Miller. Layla has the ability to make people remember the real reality. So I think Wanda gave Monica powers so Monica can help the people of West View.

🟢 Opening Scene 🟢

I love, love, LOVE The Office opening! Not only did the do The Office, but they also did Modern Family. They blended the two beautifully. The opening is strictly from The Office, but the way this episode is filmed is where they blend the two shows perfectly.

The opening sequence also showed nothing but Wanda’s name. So to me this really drills in the idea that Wanda truly wants a day all to herself with no distractions.


Ok. So it is just me or do we all think that there could be Skrulls working in SWORD?? Since we are getting Secret Invasion I am really thinking there are. This popped in my head because when Monica had her secret SWORD friends help her they really made it a point to talk about respecting people and how bonds mean something. To me it made me feel that there truly was a deeper friendship. Made me think about the Captain Marvel movie and how Monica became aware of Skrulls and their friends because of Carol.

🟢 The Twins 🟢

Billy to me was more in the forefront of this episode. I know that they both go missing in Agatha’s house, but the focus really was on Billy. To me Billy was trying to warn his mom that there was something happening, but she would not listen. He tells Wanda that he hears things in his head. Only if Wanda listened she would have been able to help him find out what is wrong.

We know something else bad is happening when the twins are at Agatha’s house and he said it is quiet there and Agatha’s mind is quiet. This gave me chills because Agatha is blocking him from using his abilities. So he is no longer connected to the people of West View or connected to Wanda.

Since Billy is calm in Agatha’s house it makes me wonder if Wanda is the one who really created her kids. Makes me almost think Agatha did it. 

🟢 Vision 🟢

I am so happy that Vision made Darcy aware that she is in a fake reality. In doing so Vision finally learns the truth about everything. Well, at least however much Darcy knows. But he pretty much has enough information now to where he can meet up with Wanda and tell her what is happening. Since he is beginning to realize he no longer needs to play by the rules, Vision stops himself in the middle of the mocumentary and then flies away.

🟢 Wanda 🟢

With everything that is happening with Wanda makes me think she is super drained from moving the West View border line. This is why she cannot control her powers. I do feel this episode there wasn’t tooooooo much happening with Wanda because we were focused on everything else around her.

The only main thing I would say happened is when Monica came to warn her about Hayward. I did LOVE that Wanda was not having anything that Monica was saying and kicked her out of her house again. And she pretty much told Monica that she was the villain. But I do feel that Wanda does know deep down Monica is there to help her, but Agatha’s hold on Wanda is just too powerful.

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