“Star Wars the High Republic” Issue 2 Comic Review and Summary

🟒 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟒

Cavan Scott – Writer

Ario Anindito – Artist

Mark Morales – Inker

Annalisa Leoni – Colorist

Phil Noto – Cover Artist

🟒 Publisher and Date 🟒

Marvel Comics / February 2021

🟒 Non Spoiler Review 🟒

There are so many new characters to get to know. I have been so used to the ones who have had for all these years. It is actually really refreshing to get new people. New people to love. Right now I am pretty into Master Sskeer because he is the most mysterious. I want to know what the heck he is up to.

I am also liking the way they are writing Keeve. The way the show Keeve’s inner monologue is great! Makes us see that she is not like other Jedi that we have been used to. Well, Anakin did have his own inner struggles. I am not saying Keeve is like this, but when we do see her inner self, we see she is different.

The writers are really laying out a great foundation to where I think this will be a very memorable issue series. I know we are barely getting to know characters and barely seeing where the story leads, but I am excited to see where this goes.

🟒 Where to Buy 🟒

If your local comic shop does not have it then you can always buy it on Amazon. Click the image of this comic and you can buy it on Amazon for $5.99.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Summary πŸ”΄

The scroll starts. . .

The Galaxy is at peace, rules by the glorious REPUBLIC and protected by the noble and wise JEDI KNIGHTS. As a symbol of all that is good, the Jedi launch STARLIGHT BEACON into the far reaches of the Outer Rim. This new space station will serve as a ray of hope for the galaxy. Young Keeve Trennis triumphantly passed her trials and is now a Jedi Knight. But her master, Sskeer, is greatly troubled. Something is very wrong. . .

We start off in the Galactic Frontier (space). There is a ship with Kreeve, Sskeer, and identical Kotabi twins, Terec and Ceret. Kreeve is talking to herself because since she is a newly appointed Jedi Knight, she knows lots of eyes will be on her. Watching her every move.

They come out of hyperspace, into the Kazlin System, and they run into a damaged ship and there are people floating in space. Ceret and Kreeve both sense that there are still survivors. When they all board the ship it is full of gas. They all know immediately the Nihil are the ones who do this before they start to slaughter prisoners. Master Sskeer has fought these people before in the Battle of Kur, where he lost his arm.

Kreeve and Terec are concerned about Sskeer because they feel that he is experiencing extreme trauma. They find the flight deck and see that there are dead bodies everywhere and an ugly creature in the middle that is dead. It is the corpse of the Hutt. They learn that the Hutt was poisoned and they are weirded out that a Hutt is in Republic space. They also learned that there is a lot of grain everywhere.

Out of no where these pointy spear looking things start to shoot everywhere and Sskeer yells out “Surik’s Blade!”. Terec gets injured but he is ok. Sskeer starts to fight the Nihil who has a HUGE sword. Sskeer goes berserk and kills the Nihil.

Afterwards, they contact starlight and tell them that there were no survivors. Sskeer sent over data from the grain so Marshall Kriss to research. She finds out that the grain is barley from Vratixia Renanicus which is a key ingredient of Bacta. Orginally from Thyferra. Sskeer and Ceret go to the Sedri system to investigate the barley.

Sskeer and Ceret land on Sedri Minor and they find that they are unwelcomed. In the wheat field they are in Ceret sees a Rodian standing in the wheat. He follows into the wheat field. Then right behind him a tail looking thing pops up.

Marshall Kriss shows up on the damaged ship to check things out. Kreeve tells Kriss that Sskeer lost control and was full of rage. Kriss says sorry to her because she knew there was something wrong. All of a sudden Terec is crying in pain. He is in pain because he says Ceret and Sskeer are in trouble. Kriss gets ahold of Sskeer asking if Ceret is near. Sskeer then runs into the wheat field and all he sees is Ceret’s lightsaber.

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