“It Was Always You” – Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 7 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

Elizabeth’s engagement plans are thrown into disarray when her fiancée’s free-spirited brother David returns home. David’s unexpected influence prompts Elizabeth to question her life decisions.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Erin Krakow – Elizabeth

Tyler Hynes – David

🟢 Non Spoiler Review 🟢

When this movie started and I realized that it was siblings I was honestly telling myself, “Oh my goodness. I don’t think we have had a love triangle with siblings when they are already engaged”. If we have then I have watched so many Hallmark movies they are all starting to mush together and I am starting to forget plotlines 😅 I know we have had a love triangle with an engaged woman, but I honestly do not recall it ever being a sibling. . . Anyway. . .


I thought the writers did a wonderful job handling the task of this difficult love triangle. I also love that they gave the supporting actors their own story as well. This elevates a movie for me when we can get a little more from everyone and not just the main characters. The writing I thought was wonderful because I feel many people can relate to Elizabeth’s character. With her being with her fiancé she has found herself too comfortable in her relationship where she has given up on her wants for adventure. Yes Elizabeth still asks to go on adventures, but she is quick to change her mind when her fiancé says he does not want to go.

The one thing that I WAS NOT fond of the writing was David’s character. They made him a jerk at first and then he becomes a nice guy. Normally I would not mind this, but every movie Tyler has been in, he plays this type of character. Something about it just makes my face cringe. It would have been an almost perfect movie if David’s character was pleasant from the beginning. I say ALMOST perfect because I felt the story for us to not like George was not flushed out enough.


Chemistry between Erin and Tyler was on point. ON POINT! The are such a great pair and they need to be put in more movies together. I have seen other movies Tyler has been in, and I have felt the chemistry falls a bit flat. Lacey Chabert was the only other one I can remember that he had great chemistry with. You can tell that Erin and Tyler truly get along off the screen. I like to see actors paired together who genuinely like each other. It makes a huge difference in their performance.

Likes and Dislikes

I love that David helps Elizabeth rediscover her passion for wanting to travel the world and that she can still be just as successful. Elizabeth also helps David realize that he still craves a partner that he can travel the world with.

When Elizabeth talks about David’s family it really made me want to see more of that family dynamic. I do feel it was pushed to the side a little. To see more of that mother and daughter feel would have been wonderful because we would have seen how perfectly Elizabeth fits into the family, and it would have shown truly how close everyone is.

Side note. The theme of this movie was pretty much a song by LeAnn Rimes called “How Do I live” and I was all in for that.

One thing that I absolutely loved! . . . Here comes a spoiler. . . The thing I loved the most was that Hallmark gave us a one year jump. Hallmark always makes the love between two people happen so fast. So when I saw the one year gap I LOVED it! I love that Elizabeth got to rediscover herself without a man. This way we truly know David was the one for her.

🟢 Watch or Don’t Watch? 🟢

This was such a wonderfully amazing movie. Even though there were minor stuff I was not happy with, I will still put it on my must watch list.

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