“Star Wars In the Shadow of Yavin” – Volume 1 Review and Summary

🟢 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟢

Brian Wood – Writer

Carlos D’Anda – Artist

Gabe Eltaeb – Colorer

Michael Heisler – Letterer

🟢 Publisher and Date 🟢

Dark Horse Books / 2013

🟢 Issue Numbers 🟢

Issue Numbers 1 – 6

🟢 Plot 🟢

Open the resistance begins to spread across the galaxy in protest of the Empire’s tyranny. Rebel groups unite, and the Galactic Civil War begins. This era starts with the Rebel victory that secured the Death Star plans, and ends a year after the death of the Emperor high over the forest moon of Endor. This is the era in which the events in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi take place.

The events of this story take place shortly after the events in A New Hope.

🟢 Non Spoiler Review 🟢

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this comic. It held my attention throughout the whole book. There is so much action in this comic as well. Made me feel as if I were watching the movies. Truly an engaging story. Even though I know how everything ends, I still found myself saying “Oh no” out loud.

I love to read people’s version of what they think happened in between Star Wars movies. The creativity people have is simply amazing. Brian Wood creates an interesting story. It was a great sequel to the beloved movies. Showing what happened to our main characters in this way was brilliant. It really kept the spirit of the movies.

I truly loved the depiction of Princess Leia, Wood really makes her look like a badass. Besides Leia being a badass, I really do appreciate that Han and Chewie still have the same banter as they do in the comics. It made me chuckle.

The artwork throughout this comic is absolutely fantastic. Very impressive. I am in love with it! There were 3 awesome panels that I came across that made me say out loud, “Man that’s cool”. 1) There is a panel where Vader is talking Palpatine and all you see is Vader’s helmet, but then when you look closely into his eyes, you can see Palpatine (2) We see Boba Fett and he looks absolutely perfect (3) There is a point when Vader is alone thinking to himself with his helmet off, but we don’t get a close up of his face. We only catch it from behind. Even though we don’t see his whole head, it was still wonderfully drawn. Vader looks ugly, but in the most amazing way possible.

I cannot wait to read the other volumes to finish this story. This is a must read Star Wars comic.

🔴 Spoiler Summary 🔴

In the shadow of Yavin. The Rebel Alliance destroyed the Galactic Empire’s fearsome space station, the Death Star, but the losses they suffered in the midst of that victory were substantial. Rebel leader Princess Leia Organa witnessed the destruction of her homeworld; farm boy turned hero Luke Skywalker lost the only family he knew, as well as a boyhood friend; and smuggler Han Solo made a decision to fight the Empire that will have consequences he can’t even begin to anticipate. Now, in the quest for a new base from which to continue the war against the Empire, Leia, Luke, and ace pilot Wedge Antilles have journeyed to the edge of the Outer Rim.

Luke and Leia

Luke, Leia and Wedge are in the Dominus sector of the outer rim trying to find a new base for the rebels. Luke and Leia talk about the loss they have both encountered so far because of the Empire. Luke wants to be able to find the peace and balance that Ben Kenobi was trying to teach him about. While they are reminiscing on the people they have lost and the future that is ahead of them, they run into a Star Destroyer and Tie Fighters. Leia gets shot down onto planet Dominus.

Luke, Leia, and Wedge safely get off the planet Dominus and head back to the rendezvous ship. While they are landing Luke hears the voice of Ben. Ben tells him to listen to his feelings and that people will follow him. This one pilot tells Leia she will never be a true pilot and Luke comes to defend her. . . Just like how a brother should. . . Luke tells the pilot that she is BETTER than everyone because she took out a tie fighter, crash landed nicely, and killed the tie pilot. Mon Mothma speaks to Leia privately when they land. She tells Leia that she fears there is a spy among them. Mon give Leia a secret mission to go back out to find a new home for the rebels and to find out who the spy is. Mon wants to know zero details in how Leia does this.

At one point Leia goes off by herself to re look at a holoplay. When the computer plays it, we see that it is a tourist commercial for Alderaan. When it is over Leia starts to cry. And honestly she has every right to. This part of the story almost made me cry. Soon after Leia meets with her secret team that she has assembled. She has even given them new black X-Wings. Now I know why Poe Dameron has a black one.

When they finally take the new X-Wings out and start to scout new planets, Wedge and Leia get attacked again by Tie’s. Leia doesn’t know why because this planet was not listed under ones to visit. During this time back at home base we see Luke talking to another pilot, Prithi, who was able to see and hear Ben Kenobi talk to Luke when he was warning him that Leia is in danger. Leia gets shot down in her X-Wing, she is bleeding, and Wedge is trying to save her before more Tie’s come.

They are able to save her and bring her back to home base. They have placed her in a bacta tank. This moment is a nice one because we see Leia in the bacta tank and everyone leaves the room except C-3PO and R2. They stay a bit longer with her.

Vader and Palpatine

We see Vader and Palpatine speaking to each other about the failures that happened with the Death Star. Palp is angry with Vader at what happened. So angry that he has put someone else in charge so Vader can gather himself and try to redeem his failures. What is amazing is that even though Palpatine is as strong as he is, he could not sense that Vader was sensing a Skywalker.

Since Vader is being punished. Palp sends him to Death Star 2 so he can overlook the construction operation. Vader meets with the team who is in charge of the new Death Star. One of the officers tells Vader that they are going as fast as they can and they do not have all the man power they need. He started to suggest that Palp is not in the know of everything. Then Vader kills him with his lightsaber. It was cool to see that. I like when writers make Vader a bad ass of evil.

Han and Chewie

We turn our attention to Han and Chewie. When he see them it already starts off great. Han says his famous line, “I’ve got  a bad feeling about this”. Chewie and Han are just talking about their situation and that they can’t pull a fast one on the rebels because now that they have worked with them, they are wanted everywhere. Han and Chewie have a mission to take a lot of money to a secure location. While on their mission they run into on of my favorite ships. Slave1. Now we don’t get to see much action here because Han jumps to hyper space pretty quickly.

They find themselves on Coruscant where they will meet up with Mothma’s contact. When they meet him Han all of a sudden shoots him. . . Han shot first 😂. . . He tells Chewie he felt something was wrong. Then they hear banging on a door and it is security wanting to take them in because they are rebels. They are being chased by Tie Fighters and Chewie does such an awesome move. He pop out of the top of the Falcon and shoots down the Tie’s. It looked similar as if you were to stand up in a car and pop up from the sunroof. Han and Chewie do find themselves flying into the lowest part of Coruscant. The Underworld.

The head into a Cantina because they now need new ID’s and codes to get out safely. They run into a lady named Perla who offers to help them escape. She tells Han that Boba and Bossk are around the Cantina looking for him and Chewie. Then. We get to see Boba! Man he looks great.

The Ending

Vader is on a mission to find out about Skywalker so he leaves another in charge, Birra Seah, who Vader can feel is strong in the force.

Printhi likes Luke and tells him that he needs to figure out his feelings for Leia before they can begin anything. Also, she might be strong in the force as well.

Han and Chewie are stuck in the underground and they are hoping Perla will help them escape.

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