“Chasing Waterfalls” – Movie Review

📸: Hallmark Gold Crown

I give this movie 6 out of 10 vomits


🟢 Plot 🟢

Photographer Amy travels to a remote lodge to find mythical waterfalls and falls for handsome guide, Mark. They adventure to find the mystic waterfall and discover their true feelings.

🟢 The Stars 🟢

Cindy Busby – Amy

Cristopher Russell – Mark

🟢 Some Spoiler Spew 🟢


The plot of this story was pretty solid, but there were a few things missing. . . If you’re looking for an ending for all parties you will have to keep looking. Usually Hallmark ties up all ends in a movie and everyone gets their ending and we all know which direction everyone is going. In this one, our leading lady does not really get an ending. They leave it up in the air. When I look back on it there was also ZERO character development.

I also thought the way our two leads met was not all that great. Usually it is in an extremely cute or realistic way. What they did hear was a bit lazy to me. Amy is taking photos at a waterfall when Mark comes up from behind and tries to make conversation and rips the new tag off of her shirt. Now that I type what happened it doesn’t sound bad 🥴 But when you see it happen, it feels super unnatural. 

Usually in Hallmark movies when there is another woman involved there is some type of back and forth. But. . . Not in this one 😑 There were no conflicts at all! And there were perfect spots where this could have happened. If you are gonna introduce another woman to cause drama, THEN CAUSE DRAMA.


The chemistry between Cindy and Cristopher was great! Very believable to me. They are a wonderful pair together they pull it off. I just wish that there were more of a romantic chemistry. All I could see was two really good friends going on hikes together. Which is totally fine, but just a little more flirting would have given the movie the oomph that is was missing.

Since the romance lacked in this movie it was hard to believe Amy when she said she is falling hard for Mark. They hardly ever spoke to each other. I know we are supposed to believe that they had meaning conversations off screen, but I would have liked to see the romance grow on screen.

Likes and Dislikes

I LOVED the scenery. Ok. I will be honest. I am a huge fan of waterfalls so I will be biased on this movie. Waterfalls are such a beautiful site to see. They truly are breathtaking. In this movie the woods and waterfalls were GORGEOUS 😍 Even where Amy was staying was beautiful.

What I was not a fan of was Amy’s boss. Her whole story was pretty blah. I wish they would have developed her a bit more. I know in the beginning she comes off as mean, but she does not pull it off.

Amy is an amateur photographer and is supposed to be trying to get a promotion as a professional photographer. What bugged me about her taking photos was that Amy would only take about 4 photos at the waterfalls then leave. I am no professional photographer, but even I know that you are supposed to take hundreds of photos just to make sure you do get that million dollar shot. 

🟢 Watch or Don’t Watch? 🟢

Overall, this was a pretty good movie. So definitely watch it the next time it is on.



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