“The Falcon and Winter Soldier” – Episode 1 Review

📸: Marvel Studios

Ohhhhhh man. This show just jumps RIGHT into the action! I did realize that most of what they showed us in promo clips and trailers are from this first episode. This is much appreciated because the story will still be able to keep it’s mystery. I wasn’t TOOOOOOO worried because Marvel is extremely good at keeping their secrets secret. I feel like their secrets have secrets. So to see that most of the clips are from episode 1, I am stoked to see how action packed the other episodes are going to be.

🔴 Spoilers 🔴

🟢 Sam Wilson (The Falcon) 🟢

This dude has been training since he came back from the blip! It has been six months since he returned and he just gets right into it. This is the best fighting we have seen from Falcon. I am happy that we are getting his story because Falcon has ALWAYS been there by Captain America’s side, but he has still been a background character. Just like how Wanda was a back up character even though Wanda herself could take Thanos down. Anyway. . . Falcon got moves!

When Sam turned in Captain’s shield cut me man. I knew he should not give it up because it is meant for him. I know he doesn’t want it, but Steve didn’t want the shield either and look how AMAZING he turned out. So this is why I think Sam will make a great Captain America. Sam is already kicking but without the shield. So imagine what he can do when he takes the shield.

The only thing I was not a fan of about Sam was that he was not able to get a loan for his sister’s business. I did not understand this because I don’t get why Sam is broke. He has been with Shield for a while, since Captain America Winter Soldier, and I feel he would have money. So I don’t know where all that money went if he was always out on missions AND then he became part of the Avengers. So I feel like someone putting their life on the line like that and fighting aliens and saving the world he would have money.

🟢 Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) 🟢

I love that we see Bucky going to therapy. Which totally makes sense because he has not been able to deal with what he did in his past when he was brainwashed. So his therapist tells him that he needs to go to his past and make amends. This way he can finally move forward and he can try to get better.

This is where Marvel is good. Like I know they are good. But this is when you realize they are goooooooood. So. When we realize that the old man he hangs out with is the father of the young adult Bucky kills. . . Guys. . . I legit almost cried. I was saying, “Nooooooooo!” out loud.

Side note. I do like that the therapist threatens Bucky’s silence by writing in a book. We all know Bucky does not like notebooks because the last one that was used, was used to brain wash him. If this is the reason they do this bit then I love it. If this wasn’t the intention, then I am going to pretend it is.

Another side note. After seeing Bucky in therapy, Wanda really should have gone to therapy. Wanda AND Bucky have both been through traumatic events.

🟢 Jonathan Walker (New Captain America. . . For now) 🟢

If you are wondering who is that new Captain America in the end, his name is Jonathan Walker. Here is some information on him. . .

John Walker is a US Army veteran who went through the Power Broker process. The Power Broker process is where people pay a company to get super strength powers, but it is extremely dangerous and no one knows how they are going to react to this process. So you could come out with super strength oooorrr you can come out deformed. Luckily for John he did come out with super strength. After he got used to his new strength, he then became the new Captain America when Steve retired.

🟢 Joaquin Torres (Next Falcon?) 🟢

So the guy who has been talking to Sam is Joaquin Torres. He is the agent that got beat up because he got too close to those bad guys who were robbing a place.

Here is a little background on Joaquin Torres. . .

In the comics Joaquin becomes Falcon when Sam takes the mantle as Captain America. But in the comic Joaquin is part of these experiments and as a result he turns into half human half falcon. Because of this experiment not only is he half human half bird, but he also gained the ability to heal himself. In a previous experiment Joaquin is able to talk to Sam’s falcon, Red Wing (In the comics Red Wing is a real life Falcon, not a machine bird like the movies).

So I am interested to see if Marvel is going to make Joaquin Falcon when Sam takes on the role as Captain America. I am sure they will because Marvel does not introduce characters just for fun.

🟢 New Captain Suit 🟢

Oh. My. Goodness. See what happens when he don’t have Tony Stark anymore. Ohhhh man. We get crappy suits 😭 But it is a nice nod to the comics though. The new suit is very similar to the comics.

🟢 Prediction 🟢

I think maybe. Just maybe. This could lead to Helmut Zemo (the bad guy on Captain America Civil War) creating the Dark Avengers. Maybe? If it does cool and if it doesn’t still cool. I am all for whatever Marvel has planned.

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