“Star Wars the High Republic” Issue 3 Comic Review and Summary

🟒 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟒

Cavan Scott – Writer

Ario Anindito – Artist

Mark Morales – Inker

Annalisa Leoni – Colorist

Phil Noto – Cover Artist

🟒 Publisher and Date 🟒

Marvel Comics / March 2021

🟒 Non Spoiler Spew 🟒

Now we are getting to the good stuff! If you haven’t read the first three issues then you really need to!

Cavan Scott’s writing is fantastic. I love that he is showing us his own version of the Dark Side. His view of it is something totally different than what has been given to us. In Scott’s version of the Dark Side, it can corrupt nature. The way the Dark Side is moving through the group is a great way to show how much these Jedi are put through mentally. This story is growing more and more on me with each panel. I CANNOT wait to see where Scott is going when it comes to the Dark Side. It is great following the new Jedi Knight Kreeve deal with the Dark Side and to try to not show too much of her emotions when it comes to her Master Sskeer. She has to keep her emotions in check because her Master is starting to succumb to his own dark emotions. This is where we start to see the tension between all the main characters.

This was interesting to see come to life through the artwork. Everything is perfectly detailed. The married between Ario Anindito and Mark Morales is beautiful. Even though we have been immersed with many different Star Wars stories they have still found a way to make this era look new. The twist and turns are done well too. I can totally relate to these characters and I can feel what they are feeling. Each of these characters are drawn and colored so we can completely understand each emotion they are feeling.

Action panels in this comic were literally something that you would see in a movie. Every panel is detailed beautifully. The way the Jedi’s are drawn as they fight are wonderful as well. They have kept that same finesses as we see in the movies and TV shows. This just also goes to show the talents of Annalisa Leoni. She picked very vibrant colors that pair well together. I am even in love with the way she made the lightsaber glow. Pick up a copy and you’ll see what I mean 😊

Overall the writing, art, and color are solid and it is completely entertaining. Everything was put together brilliantly.

🟒 Where to Buy 🟒

If your local comic shop does not have it then you can always buy it on Amazon. Click the image of this issue and you can purchase it if you would like.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

There is no fear. Chapter 3. Down below.

The scroll. . .

The noble Jedi, protectors of the Republic, have launched Starlight Beacon as a symbol of hope for the galaxy. Young Keeve Trennis is now a Jedi Knight.

Aboard a derelict Hutt ship, a lone Nihil warrior attacked Keeve, Sskeer and the Jedi twins Terec and Ceret. Sskeer brutally slaughtered the Nihil, much to Keeve’s shock. Something dark is happening to Sskeer.

The trail of the Jedi’s investigation led them to Sedri Minor, where Ceret has just vanished without a trace. . .

Since Ceret has vanished, Terec is getting worse and worse. He is even foaming at the mouth and trying to attack Sskeer. Keeve is unsure of what to do because she is standing guard of their ship and her Master is starting to lose his mind. At this time Kreeve gets visited by the townspeople and they are offering her food. One of them tells Kreeve that 4 people have gone missing and the fields are rotting.

Kreeve thinks these people have not been able to ask for help from Starlight Beacon because of the Hutts and the wheat they found on the ship they were previously on. Kal Sulman, who speaks for the community, says that the Hutts are not involved and they will deal with the missing people themselves.

By herself Kreeve goes out into the grain field to see what is going on. She hears something and takes out her lightsaber. And guess what. IT’S DOUBLE BLADED! She comes across a little kid, Bartol, and he joins her to find the missing people. They come across a huge sinkhole. Bartol then jumps in the hole and Kreeve uses the Force to catch him, but then eases him to the bottom.

Back with the Master Sskeer and the Marshal Kriss they see that Terec has passed out. Marshal tells Sskeer that she cannot believe he has no idea why this is all happening. Marshal tells him this is the work of the Dark Side. She is worried because not only can he not feel the Dark Side, but he also slaughtered the Nihil that was left on the previous ship.

Throughout this whole time Kreeve feels uneasy about what she is going to uncover. When she is going through this cave she says THE BEST mantra to herself. . . I am one with the Force. The Force is with me. . . She keeps feeling something hit her hard because she feels the darkness is starting to get overwhelmed. They find one missing person and Ceret. Sadly the missing person who died was a kid and his name is Julus. The way they found them they were hanging upside down with these live vines surrounding them.

All of a sudden a large monster, the Drengir, comes out of the darkness and attacks. It also keeps saying one word. . . Meat. At this exact same time back on the ship Terec spits out this black stuff and it gets all over Sskeer. Down in the caves Ceret has taken Bartol hostage while the Drengir tries to take over Kreeve’s mind. Kreeve manages to cut it in half, but then it forms itself into two monsters. Just like a Hydra does! Slice off a head and two more show. Well, but in this case only an extra head showed πŸ˜… At this time Marshal Kriss has found her.

Then something says there is no escape. We then see Master Sskeer come out of the darkness and he has been taken over by this dark monster.

Side note. . . When I closed the comic to put it away I noticed that on the front cover Kreeve is carrying a double bladed lightsaber. So my excitement for her double sided blade popped up I was dramatic πŸ₯΄

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