The Falcon and Winter Soldier – “The Star-Spangled Man” – Episode 2 Review

πŸ“Έ: Marvel Studios

I am sad that we only have 4 episodes left πŸ˜₯

This second episode was action packed and I loved every minute of it.

All I have to say is. . . Bucky is legit THE BEST. . .

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

🟒 Sam Wilson (The Black Falcon) 🟒

The more we see of Sam the more awesome he is becoming. I will say, Falcon was not my all time favorite person, but now with this show my views on him are totally changing. In the movies I can see why they did not focus on him because they were more focused on the main characters. So I am happy that they are using these TV shows to give us more story on the side characters.

I LOVED the scene where a kid calls Sam Black Falcon and Sam stops to talk to him. Sam asks him if he calls him that because he is Black, and the kid says yeah. This is a direct shout out to the comics because when Marvel was creating characters they would put Black in front of the name if the super hero was Black.

🟒 Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier aka White Panther / White Wolf) 🟒

Dude. Bucky is the friend EVERYONE needs. He stands by his best friend Steve Rogers no matter what. I say this because throughout this whole episode Bucky HATES Jonathan Walker. What’s great is that the whole time Bucky was giving two craps about what Jon was about or that he was trying to help out. Bucky cared so little that he even wanted to just steal the shield back from him. I was busting up when Bucky wanted to steal the shield.

🟒 Jonathan Walker (New Captain America. . . For now) 🟒

Ok. I will be honest. When we see Jon getting picked to be the next Captain America I was on board. I hated being on board, but I was. He even looked great with the shield! 😑 But I knew this could not last. . . Right? . . . Right! Later on then we start to see his true colors. And man, when he started to show his true colors I was wishing that Bucky would just punch him πŸ˜„

What I was laughing about is when Bucky asks Jon if he has ever jumped on a grenade and Jon says that yes he has and that he used his helmet 🀣 This made me laugh because we all know that was pretty much what made Steve Rogers become Captain America. Steve jumping onto a grenade was never done before.

🟒 Isaiah Bradley (Black Captain America) 🟒

Isaiah Bradley’s story is a sad one. In the comics the US Military wanted to recreate the super soldier serum and the needed people to experiment on. So they got 300 African Americans and used them to be test subjects. At the end of it all, only a handful of people survived. After using them for a few missions the last survivor was Isaiah. His last mission was to kill a German Doctor who was also trying to create the super soldier serum. Isaiah took a Captain America costume and a shield. While on the mission he was captured, but then was saved by German freedom fighters. When Isaiah comes back to the US, he was sent to jail because he stole the costume and shield. He was in prison for 17 years. During this time his mind started to deteriorate from side effects from the serum. His wife kept writing letters to get him pardoned and her wish was finally granted.

I am glad that Marvel did not go this route with Isaiah’s story. It was funny that Isaiah said he wanted to talk to Bucky and Sam because all he wanted to do was see if Bucky got his arm back after he took it in the 50s.

Now that Sam knows about Isaiah I am sure he now fully regrets giving up Steve’s shield.

🟒 The Flag Smashers 🟒

They actually aren’t that bad in my opinion. Well. Ok. I can see where they are coming from, but they are trying to implement their ideas in the wrong way. They just want life to go back to how it was during the Blip. And this I can understand because say the President of a company got Bliped, and the VP became the new P, then he came back from the Blip, would he get his spot back as P? (I hope that made sense πŸ™ƒ) If you do get it, I know that the Flag Smashers are doing this on a much larger scale.

🟒 Elijah Bradley 🟒

We got Eli! Eli is the one who lets Sam and Bucky into the house to meet with his grandpa, Isaiah.

Eli gets his powers from his grandpa. One day Eli needed a blood transfusion and Isaiah gave him his blood. Because of this, Eli started to possess every power that his grandpa had. Eli also had an addiction to Mutant Growth Hormone pills that also gave him powers. So this led him to also become a super soldier.

Maybe in this show he might get these pills or super soldier serum from the Flag Smashers? I say that because we have seen that the Flag Smashers are strong as well.

🟒 Redwing 🟒

I loved how happy Bucky was when Red Wing got smashed into pieces πŸ˜‚

Since there is no more Red Wing, I wonder if we will finally get a real Falcon now or will Joaquin Torres join the team and his Super Hero name will be Red Wing?

🟒 Hoskins aka Battlestar 🟒

Bucky making the car stop after Hoskins called himself Battlestar made my die laughing. Bucky was like I’m out.

In the comics, Hoskins AND Jon both go through the Power Broker process after leaving the service and this is where they both get powers like Steve Rogers. When Hoskins gets his powers he starts to call himself Battlestar.

🟒 Power Broker 🟒

Since they have already named Power Broker in this episode we can now kind of get a feel for where this is all heading.

Power Broker Inc. used technology to increase the strength of people who were willing to pay for the treatment to become superhuman. People would have to do this all at their own risk because people had the chance of dying or becoming deformed.

When we see Karli get a text message from an unknown number I think it could be from Power Broker. I think this because the text said that she took something that wasn’t hers. So I am thinking is that she took some of the super serum.

🟒 Future Movie Prediction 🟒

Young Avengers are definitely coming. They have to! With the introduction of Eli it HAS to happen. Marvel has already set up Billy and Tommy. Then in theΒ HawkeyeΒ series we are getting Kate Bishop. We will also be getting a Ms. Marvel show.

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