“The Batman and Scooby-Doo Mysteries” Limited Series – Issue 1 Review and Summary

🟢 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟢

Ivan Cohen – Writer

Dario Brizuela – Artist

Franco Riesco – Colorist

Dario Brizuela – Cover Artist

Saida Temofonte – Letterer

🟢 Publisher and Date 🟢

DC Comics / April 2021

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢


Cohen really knows what he is doing. You can tell he loves Scooby Doo just as much as fans do. I could honestly see this story as a Saturday morning cartoon. Even though it was a fast and easy read, it was still super enjoyable. It was fun to see Batman in a different and fun light. The plot line of this first issue was pretty simple. Growing up with Scooby Doo I have certain expectations of how the story should go. So this particular issue did not fit the usual Scooby mold, but since this is a 12 issue run, I am sure more stories will be more along the lines of a Scooby cartoon.

Even the way the comedy is written in this issue is perfect. Like I have said before. It is exactly like watching a Scooby cartoon. Cohen does not take this story seriously which is the best thing to do. Scooby cartoons do not take themselves seriously either. It is meant to be light and fun.


The art of Brizuela is wonderful! It is exactly what I would have expected from a Scooby comic. It honestly transported be back to when I would watch the cartoons on TV. It was great to see Batman and Robin be drawn the same way the rest of the gang is. The similarity between the comics and the cartoon is fantastic.

Not only was the art fantastic, but so were the colors. Reisco used bright and loud colors that fit perfectly with the Scooby Doo style. With the colors being so well done, each panel of every page truly pops off the page. The cartoon vibe is portrayed perfectly here.

One Funny Moment

At one point Alfred makes a comment that Velma, Scooby, and Shaggy all run with enthusiasm 🤣 I literally laughed out loud when I read this because this is EXACTLY how they run. One of my favorite things about the Scooby gang is the way the run. I have always found it funny, so it was nice to see that Cohen felt the same way.


This honestly reminded me to the epsiode of Supernatural when they had a crossover with the Scooby gang. Like I said before. It was such a fun read. It made me feel like a little kid again waking up early on a Saturday morning. This was a wonderful combination of Batman and Scooby Doo.

🟢 Where to Buy 🟢

If your local comic shop does not have it then you can always buy it on Amazon.

🔴 Spoiler Summary Spew 🔴

It opens up with the Scooby gang at the Gotham City Museum and Shaggy is playing with the Bat signal. He makes it look like Scooby’s head. Batman called the gang over because he is having memory loss and he has been robbed. He has donated items to the museum, but someone stole items.

In order for the gang to help Batman, Batman wants them to go back to his past to figure out who would steal from him. He sends Shaggy, Scoob, and Velma to the past in a time machine.

Past. Scoob, Vielma, and Shaggy run into Alfred. After Alfred drops off the three he makes a call and says there is something that needs your attention. The gang visit one of the first cases Batman ever solved. Out from the darkness a guy walks out and Shaggy yells, “A Zombie!”. Batman watches them all from afar and he over hears Velma mentioning Dr. Nichols. Batman knows this Dr. has been working on time travel. So now he really wants to watch them to make sure they do not meddle with history. Scooby sees Batman wearing the missing purple gloves and he steals them off his hands, but then Batman bribes him with a Scooby snack. Alfred comes out to tell Batman to let them keep the gloves. Vielma puts together that Batman is Bruce Wayne. Alfred puts the gloves in a box that is voice activated for Velma. So when she goes back to the future she can get the gloves.

What was funny is that Shaggy wonders if Gotham City has ANY nice places.

Present. Fred and Daphne are helping Robin to figure out how someone broke in to the museum. Batman, Fred, and Daphne swim under the museum to see if there are any clues there. They see a huge wall barrier and Batman tells them that it was there because of one of his first cases. They blow up the barrier and Robin finds a box that needs voice activation but it won’t respond to Batman. Dr. Nichols takes a look at Batman’s memory loss and he realizes that Batman is in a deep state of hypnosis and only a trigger word or phrase will bring him out of it. Velma pops up and says a phrase Alfred gave her. This takes Batman out of his hypnosis.

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