“The Magic of Cybertron” – My Little Pony and Transformers – Issue 1 Review and Summary

🟢 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟢

“The Magic of Cybertron”

James Asmus – Writer

Jack Lawrence – Artist

Luis Antonio Delgado – Colorist

Jake M. Wood – Letterer

“A Real Mother”

Sam Maggs – Writer

Casey W. Coller – Artist

Joana Lafuente – Colors

Neil Uyetake – Letterer

🟢 Publisher and Date 🟢

IDW / April 2021

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢


This story taking place right after the first mini series is a great idea. It shows that when something bad is going to happen there is no telling when that will be. I know sometimes in shows when something bad happens right after another it can get boring, but I welcome that in comics. I am also a fan that in this mini series it is already going to be different than the last. It is going to be entertaining to see some of the ponies teaming up with the Decepticons.


Some details for me in the artwork did not make sense. There is a scene where the Decepticons are looking one way and all the action is behind them. It was a weird panel. You would have to check out this issue to see what I mean. Another thing I did not like was that Rainbow Dash’s colors were off. It wasn’t like a HUGE deal, but I knew something was off with her mane in the front of her face. Other than that the rest of the artwork was great. For this first issue they have kept with a more playful look. I hope it does stay uniform, but if it is going to be like the first series then I know everyone is going to bring their own flare to it. I would like for the series to keep a realistic look with loud colors.

One Funny Moment

Pinkie Pie has me rolling when they go to Cybertron because she tells the Decepticons that she loves that their cutie marks match 🤣


It is great to see this series continue. I know it sounded like I did not enjoy the first mini series, but I actually did. All I wanted was more of a story, but it was still great overall. It is great for kids. If this mini series gets popular then maybe they will continue it and make one big long story.

🟢 Where to Buy 🟢

If your local comic shop does not have it then you can always buy it on Amazon.

🔴 Spoiler Summary Spew 🔴

“The Magic of Cybertron”

Cybertron. Frenzy is reading a My Little Pony book. Breakdown is giving him a hard time for liking the magic book, but then Frenzy gets mad at him. By the end of the conversation Breakdown wants to borrow the book. Megatron interrupts them and tells the Decepticons that they are on the brink of obtaining magic.

Equestria. The Decepticons come and interrupt a concert the ponies are having. Telling them to give up all their magical items. Twilight Sparkle threatens them and reminds them what happened last time they came. Over in Cloudsdale the Wonderbolts are practicing when a teleportation portal opens up and they fly through it.

Cybertron. The Wonderbolts went through the portal and get captured by the Decepticon. Right after they are captured more Decepticons run through the portal with the Mane Six following behind them. A cloud of black smoke appears and King Sombra appears! Twilight Sparkle is shocked because they have already defeated Sombra.

King Sombra takes control of the Twilight Sparkle, Megatron, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. The Autobots meet up with the ponies to find out what happened. Applejack and Rainbow Dash tell the Autobots and Decepticons if they are going to win then everyone needs to become friends.

“A Real Mother”

In this story Scootaloo has been taken and her aunts, Holiday and Lofty, are on Cybertron looking for her. They bump into Autobots RC and Greenlight and they offer to help them find Scootaloo. They get ambushed by an Decepticon named Murder King and they all start to battle. After the defeat Murder King, Scootaloo shows up with other Autobots to come help out.

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