Invincible Compendium One Issues 1 to 13 Review and Summary

🟒 The Magic People Behind the Comic 🟒

Robert Kirkman – Writer, Letterer (1-13)

Cory Walker – Penciler and Inker (1-7), Covers (1-12)

Ryan Ottley – Penciler (0, 8-13), Inker (0, 8-13), Cover (0, 13)

Bill Crabtree – Colorist

Rus Wooten – Letterer (0)

🟒 Publisher and Date 🟒

Image Comics / 2003-2018

🟒 Non Spoiler Spew 🟒

I have heard so much about this comic series so I was FINALLY able to snag a copy to read. After reading thirteen issues I must say, Robert Kirkman is a freaking genius! GENIUS!!Β 


Kudos to the writing! I was invested in these characters after reading the first issue. Well ok, not so much invested, invested, but I was intrigued by them. Once I got to the thirteenth issue I was already all in and Kirman mind blown me. Like legit my jaw dropped to the floor. I love that these characters are based off of the wonderful superheroes we have grown up with. It feels like one big parody series, but that is extremely well done and still being it’s completely own thing. I fell in love with this story so fast that I could not stop reading.


Artwork in these thirteen issues are off the charts awesome. Even though some panels are gory and make you go, “OOOOHHHHH snap!” out loud. It is still beautifully illustrated. Even though I am only thirteen issues in, I am already giving this whole team a standing ovation. The art in this really does lend its hand to be an animated series. Yes I know they did make one, but you can see it will be an easy transition from comic book to animation. Kudos to the art team because I had no idea you could create gruesome scenes, but still keep it light hearted πŸ˜…Β 

Word Bubbles

I really day pay too much attention to word bubbles, but I actually enjoyed these ones. They were very creative. When a character is making a loud remark, the bubble is outlined in color. Also, there was a scene where Mark’s mom was talking to him from downstairs and the way the bubble was positioned you could tell she was downstairs. This was something I had no idea I would appreciate.


This is such a well thought out comic. Extremely well done. I am only thirteen episodes in and I can already see what all the hype is about. I find myself not wanting to put the compendium down. I say DEFINITELY go read this series. This is very much a R-rated version of DC and Marvel, but it truly is its own stand out thing.

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Summary Spew πŸ”΄


Mark is at work throwing away trash, from Burger Mart where he works, and all of a sudden he throws it super far, realizing that he is finally getting powers like his Dad, Omni man (Nolan). Once this happens Nolan takes Mark to the superhero tailor, Arthur. This was a fun scene to watch because Mark tries on an orange suit that has solar panels on it. He asks Arthur why does the suit have panels and Arthur tells him because he thought Omni man’s powers were solar based 🀣 Just like Superman πŸ˜‚ Another part I thought was funny was when Arthur and Nolan were talking, all of a sudden Nolan wooshes off mid sentence and we see Arthur finish the sentence. To me this was fun to see because I feel we never get to see this part of conversations with superheroes. We always see them finish conversations. Mark gets his superhero towards the end because Mark is standing up for a student who is getting bullied. Mark’s Principal tells him that he is not Invincible so he needs to be careful.


Nolan tells Mark that he is from a planet called Viltrum. They are a superior race where there is no murder or fighting. They are extremely peaceful people. The council also agreed that they should send some of their people to lesser developed planets and help them out. Later Mark runs into a teenage superhero team called Teen Team (The main hero group is called Guardians of the Globe). After Mark completes the mission with Teen Team he asks if fighting crime is always easy. As soon as he finishes that sentence we see a teenager waking up on a mall bench with a bomb strapped to his chest and it has one second left. Then the bomb detonates.

Teen Team is Atom Eve, Rex Splode, Dupli Kate, Monster Girl, and Robot.


Mark’s principal tells the whole school that there are students going missing. Mark and Nolan go on a mission together to fight aliens that are coming to Earth from a portal. When they are fighting the aliens, they notice that after a little time the aliens are getting older and dying. Once they are done fighting them, while flying on the way back home Nolan notices something happening at the mall. He sees a teenager have a bomb strapped on him and so he throws him in the air and the student explodes. When this is over Noaln gets sucked through an Alien portal that we saw earlier and Mark yells out for him.


One of the Teen Teem members, Robot, is trying to figure out who is making students into bombs. Nolan has still not returned from the Alien planet. Robot finds out that one of Mark’s teachers is the one responsible for making students into bombs. Mark’s teacher did this because his son committed suicide due to being bullied. Eve, another Teen Team member, goes with Mark to the teacher’s house. They see that the teacher made himself a bomb. Mark throws the teacher in the air so he can blow up with no extra casualties. Nolan finally comes home and he said he was in an Alien dimension for 8 months and he helped build a rebellion and he was able to escape.


Mark goes to space and fights an Alien who is a champion evaluation officer. Mark doesn’t understand why this is happening so he and the Alien, Allen, sit down on the Moon and have a conversation. Allen tells him that Earth requested this and he shows Mark the order and the name is Urath. Mark tells him he is on the wrong planet because this is planet Earth, not Urath. Allen gets flustered and leaves because he knows he is in deep trouble.


We are in London and we see a guy walking a dog then all of a sudden the guy gets hit with a bag of trash and in the trash it says Burger Mart. I was busting up when this happened because I said, “Damn Kirkman is good”. He really brought us back to the trash Mark threw when he first got his powers 🀣 Now that is great storytelling. Mark and his best friend William go on a University tour where they run into a robot looking human. Mark helps to get rid of the Robot and at this point William realizes that Mark is Invincible even though he was in costume. I was in love with this because I never understood why people who are close friends can never tell their friend is a superhero. . . I am looking at you Lois! Not knowing Clark is Superman. . . Anyway. So yeah. William now knows his friend is Invincible.


We FINALLY meet the Guardians of the Globe! I laughed so hard after meeting them because they are EXACTLY like the Justice League. Just an extremely darker version. So. We have Darkwing (Batman), Red Rush (Flash), War Woman (Wonder Woman), Aquarus who is a fish (Aquaman), Martian Man (Martian Man Hunter), Green Ghost (Green Lantern), Black Samson (He is currently not on the team because he lost his powers), and The Immortal. Then obviously we have Omni Man (Superman). Omni Man calls for an emergency meeting. . . Then this is where the craziness freaking happens that caught me COMPLETELY off guard. . . When the Guardians get to the meeting they all have no idea why they are there. Then Omni Man comes out and kills them all. THATS RIGHT! I SAID HE KILLED THEM ALL!! It is so beyond gory it is freaking crazy. The only Guardian that is safe is Black Samson, and like I said earlier he is currently not on the Guardian team.


The funeral for the Guardians of the Glob takes place and Omni Man gives a eulogy. After the funeral these two huge blue guys, Mauler twins even though one is a clone, go to the cemetery and dig up the grave of The Immortal.


While Allen is trying to get back to earth he saves a people on a Spaceship where the people are dressed EXACTLY like Star Trek πŸ˜‚ We see the Mauler twins bring back The Immortal to life.


Omni Man is always tired and busy because since there are no more Guardians of the Globe, Nolan has to pick up all the extra work. During one of the fights Nolan is in, he gets attacked by The Immortal. The news stations are covering it, but they said that they both flew high in the sky where they can’t see. So then Mark flies into the air too to see if the can help his Dad. Mark overhears his Dad telling The Immortal that he killed him once so he can kill him again. Then Nolan rips The Immortal in half.


Nolan comes clean to Mark about everything. He tells Mark that his race of people actually killed each other on their planet. They did this so only the powerful will be alive and when they have kids it will just be a supreme race. So because of this the council all agreed that their people should go to other planets and take over. That way they can rule over may planets and maybe the galaxy. Nolan then says he came to Earth to prep Earth for a take over. He also tells Mark that his mom, his wife, was more of a pet to him than anything. Nolan also said that he forgot about taking over Earth because he got caught up with Guardians of the Globe and he got caught up with Mark’s mom, Deborah, and raising him. He said that once Mark got his powers he remembered his mission and killed the Guardians so he and Mark can rule Earth.


Now this issue was the most gnarliest issues! This whole issue is Nolan beating up Mark because Mark is refusing to join him. Nolan beats him into a two week long coma. I honestly cannot believe how bloody this was. My jaw was open the whole freaking time I was reading it. After Nolan beat up Mark, Nolan flew to space crying.


Cecil, a Government agent (Who is very similar to Nick Fury), tells Mark that with his Dad gone, Mark needs to step up to be the new savior. Mark goes into space again and runs into Allen. Allen tells Mark that there is a Viltrumite living on Earth. Mark tells him that is his Dad and he is gone in space. Allen says that is very uncharacteristic. So Allen says he is going to go back home to come up with a plan to beat the Viltrumite’s

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