Animal Crossing Wedding Season Has Returned!

Love is in the air! Wedding Season Event has returned to Animal Crossing.

This year not only do we have the same items and activities, but this year we also have new items! The Wedding Season Event is for the entire month of June. So don’t worry, you have plenty of time to get the Wedding items.

When you start your day on your island Harvey will give you call asking you to head over to his island. This is where you will meet Reese and Cyrus.

thumbnail (6)

They will ask you to help them decorate the studio so they can take their wedding photos.

thumbnail (7)

When you are done and take their photo, let Reese know. Once you show her the photo you took she will give you a gift and Heart Crystals

thumbnail (8)thumbnail (9)thumbnail (10)

These Crystals can be exchanged for more exclusive items. All you have to do is talk to Cyrus

thumbnail (11)thumbnail (12)thumbnail (13)

🟢 New Items 🟢

Here are all the new items this year that can be found in the Nooks Shopping App under the Seasonal tab. What is cool about these new items is that they do rotate in color. So be sure to check the app everyday. The flower basket is my favorite because your character can hold it and will start to throw petals.

There are also new Wedding clothes to buy at Able’s.

Here are the clothes from Able’s.

wed 2wed 3wed

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