Star Wars The Bad Batch – “Battle Scars” – Episode 7 Review

πŸ“Έ: Lucasfilm

πŸ”΄ Spoiler Spew πŸ”΄

You know, to me this was a pretty crucial episode. Not tooooo much has been happening in all of the other episodes, but here is where one story was leading up to. I have been waiting for this episode ever since Wrecker hit his head.

On another note, as much as I have enjoyed the Batch being with Cid and laying low. I really want them to go back into the thick of it all with the Clone Troopers turning into Storm Troopers and I want to see what the deal with Crosshair is.

🟒 Omega 🟒

Oh. My. Goodness. I hope she does not have nightmares about Wrecker trying to come after her. After seeing their relationship, it was sad to see Wrecker turn on her. We all new this moment was coming, but it was sad to see. Reminded me of when the clones turned on Ahsoka. Also, I do love that she was able to tell that Rex was a Generation One clone 🀣 And guys. With Hunter telling Omega that she is stuck with them for the long run and I got a bad feeling. I feel like when this season ends we are gonna be getting a deep cut. Not sure what yet, but they are really building up this relationship. It cannot be all rainbows and butterflies.

🟒 Wrecker 🟒

You know. I will be honest. My only critic with Wrecker is that I felt he did not as bad as I wanted him to go. In my head I felt Wrecker was chosen because he is the biggest out of the Batch. But. I did feel they took him out pretty quickly. I guess I just wanted more of a climax with this fight, but it ended pretty quick. Also, it is interesting that when his chip activates, he does need to see a Jedi to activate the chip. That he automatically knows that the Batch are traitors. 

I LOOOOOOVE the relationship Wrecker has with Omega. It is SO CUTE! When they went out to get popcorn my heart melted. Wrecker is a big softy! 

🟒 Rex 🟒

IT WAS GREAT SEEING REX! Gosh I really like this guy. I hope he is one we constantly see because I can’t get enough of this guy. Man it would be so cool to see him in live action.

So I know we find out that he is who the Martez sisters were talking to. Which to me I don’t understand the secrecy because we already knew Rex was coming. Anyway, what I don’t get is why the Martez sisters are so important to Ahsoka for her to get in tough with them right after Order 66. I hope they explain that a little more. They probably won’t, but from watching the last season of Clone Wars, I did not see the appeal of the Martez sisters.

Man. My heart stopped a little when he was questioning the Batch and asking them if they have taken out their chips. When they said they didn’t and he reached for his gun, that’s when my heart stopped. My heart also stopped when Rex was telling the Batch that the last time he was on a Starship it was not a good time. As we know from season 7, he was on the Starship when Order 66 went in effect.

🟒 Tech 🟒

I thought it was funny that Tech was telling Rex that they do not need to take their chips out because they do not have any effect on them. Even though Crosshair went back and Wrecker has been having a headache πŸ˜‘

🟒 Cid 🟒

I wonder if Cid is going to be their home base. I do feel that it will be, but I do feel that Cid will have no problem turning her back on the Batch if the price is right. Cid is not the type to be loyal. She is in it for herself.

🟒 Starship Wreckage Planet 🟒

It was awesome seeing this planet. For those of you who don’t know, this planet was shown to us on the video game Jedi Fallen Order. We start our adventure on this planet with Cal Ketsis. It would be pretty awesome if we did get to see Cal. I highly doubt it, but it would be cool.

🟒 Ruby 🟒

What the heck happened to the lizard thing? 🧐

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