Loki – “Glorious Purpose” – Episode 1 Review

📸: Marvel Studios

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

I have been waiting for this show ever since they announced it at D23. Ever since Avengers Endgame I always wondered where Loki went with the Tesserect. Now seeing how amazing WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier I am even more excited for this show. When the show is over I am excited to see how this will affect the MCU.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

This is going to be an extremely heavy time traveling show and I am all in! I like that they started this movie from the exact same spot we saw in Endgame because I was wondering if that is where they were going to start it, or if they were going to establish that Loki had already vanished.

🟢 Loki 🟢

It is great seeing Tom Hiddleston back to portraying this Loki. We have not seen this side of Loki in a long time. Kuddos to Tom to be able to portray this version of Loki again. Not that I had my doubts! Tom is a fantastic actor!

Also, I do love that this is an all Loki series. Loki always intrigued me from the moment we saw him in the first Thor. Then when his character kept progressing I wanted more.

I was BUSTING up laughing when Loki gets hit in slow mo and you see his lips moving 🤣 I thought that was so funny. Maybe funnier than what it should have been, but oh well 😅

🟢 Mobius 🟢

I was honestly getting so lost with everything happening and I was telling myself when will we get answers. Then Mobius sees Loki confused and tells him that he will catch up in time. It was almost as if he knew I was lost too 😂

🟢 Loki and Mobius 🟢

Tom and Owen I think are working pretty well off of each other. I feel they have great chemistry off the set and it is showing when they are filming.

🟢 Minutes Video 🟢

The video reminded me a lot of the Jetson’s and Minutes herself kind of looked like the Let’s All Go to the Lobby song.

🟢 Infinity Stones 🟢

Dudes! Seeing ALL of those Infinity Stones were crazy. Crazy too that they have ZERO power where Loki is. Even he was shocked to see this. You could see the moment where he realizes that he has underestimated this place.

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