Loki – “Lamentis” – Episode 3 Review

📸: Marvel Studios

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

You know, I hate to say this, but this was not my favorite episode. I wanted more from it. I will explain more in the spoiler section. Even though I was not the HUGEST fan of this episode. It was nice to slow down a little and get to know Loki better, as well as Lady Loki.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

This was not my favorite episode because I felt we did not really learn anything and there were parts of it that dragged. The only good thing we learned was that everyone who works for the TVA are variants themselves. Other than that we learned squat. I take that back, we also did learn that Loki is bisexual. I thought that was pretty awesome of them to do because I know in the comics Loki is bi. So it was great to hear them acknowledge this on our screens. As well as acknowledge that Loki is genderfluid in the first episode.

When they landed on the dying planet that could have gone so much faster. They could have hurried and fought in that first building, walked to the ladies house, knocked on the door, and asked what was going on. I felt that the whole scene was dragged out for nothing.

Honestly I don’t know how I feel. Ok. The whole episode was not a bore. It did pick up halfway and from that point on it was a joy to watch. Me not fully liking the episode is just me wanting to know the whole story already 🙃

🟢 Loki 🟢

I was super confused when he was talking about love. I was thinking back if he has ever had a love interest in the movies and he did not. The only one I can think of is Lady Sif. There was a scene where it looked like he was jealous that she liked Thor. But that could be just me reading too much into it. Anyway, the love part confused me. Oh, maybe he was talking about Thor and his mom?

The train part confused me when he was singing and getting drunk. I did think it was funny, but unnecessary. I really don’t know how to describe it. It felt a little out of place. I did think it was funny though when Loki drank his drink, threw it on the ground, then said “Another!”. I laughed at this because we know this is what Thor says when he is at the diner with Jane Foster for the first time.

🟢 Lady Loki / Sylvie 🟢

I do not like that we did not learn anything about her. Yes I know her whole plan needs to remain a mystery. That’s fine, but she gave NOTHING to Loki. Not even a small glimpse of why she is doing what she is doing.

Sylvie / Sophia di Martino is a badass! If it is Sophia doing all the fighting she is a BA. If it is a stunt double then that person is a BA. The fighting scenes were great!

🟢 Loki and Sylvie 🟢

You know, Tom Hiddleston and Sophia di Martino have terrific chemistry together. It is such a delight to watch them work together. 

🟢 Ragnarok / Sylvie in the Comics 🟢

In this episode we learn that Sylvie does not like to be called Loki. In the comics Sylvie is just a regular girl who lives on Earth in Broxton, Oklahoma. Thor also learns that there is a group more powerful than God’s called, Those Who Sit Above in the Shadows. They write the Asgardians’ destiny. Thor goes and kills them. In doing this all Asgardians are transported to a floating island in Oklahoma. Asgardians at this time are now living as humans with zero memory of Asgard. Thor does everything he can to restore their memories.

After the Asgardians arrive in Oklahoma, Sylvie wakes up one day with powers given to her by Loki. After this Sylvie moved to New York to be with the young Avengers and learns from Loki that he created her. In the comics Sylvie is an extremely powerful character. She also goes by the name Amora the Enchantress.

🟢 TVA Personnel 🟢

This was a HUGE reveal in this episode. Maybe this is why Mobius is so obsessed with certain items but does not know why. Like how he was enjoying a 90s soda and he enjoys looking at the sea-doo magazine. . . I think it was a sea-doo one. I forget 😅 So it could be from his original self as to why he likes that stuff.

🟢 Action Scenes 🟢

I loved all the action scenes in this episode. The camera work was awesome too. I love when the camera is just one fluid motion. Where things are happening all around our main characters. So we can see Loki and Sylvie fighting, but then we also see the destruction that is still happening around them. 

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