Star Wars The Bad Batch – “Bounty Lost” – Episode 9 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

🟢 Non Spoiler Spew 🟢

What. An. Episode. What an episode! In this episode The Bad Batch embark on a rescue mission. This was a thrilling and action-packed episode. The action was not just any normal action, it was bounty hunter action. 

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

I am a huge fan of this episode taking place right after episode 8. You know, for as big as the reveal of Omega was at the end, it did feel a bit underwhelming. 

🟢 Omega 🟢

Again, with every passing episode I am enjoying Omega more and more. They really did write her character beautifully. She can take care of herself. Yes she did get captured, but when in a pickle she is not afraid to try and escape. She will do whatever it takes to survive. 

So the big reveal about Omega is that she is the second original unaltered copy of Jango Fett. We learn that Boba Fett’s code name was Alpha. So Alpha is the first clone and Omega is the last clone. I did have the theory that Omega’s name did mean the ending of the clone’s.

As I said earlier Omega’s big reveal was underwhelming. I don’t understand why she is such a big deal. Can’t they just get anyone and clone them? Well I guess since they have already put the time and effort into Jango’s stuff it makes sense, but I was really hoping for more of a reveal. Maybe something that went a little more hand in hand with Palpatine trying to make a Jedi clone so he could take over that body.

So hopefully later on in the season we learn the actual truth about her, but if this really is all Omega is, I will feel a bit let down.

🟢 Cad Bane 🟢

Man it was great to see him in action. He is such a cool western cowboy bounty hunter. Cad is another bounty hunter whose character is beautifully written. When we see him on screen and hear his voice I immediately get drawn in. It is almost as if Cad Bane hypnotizes me. I would love to see him in live action, like for the Book of Boba that they are creating. I just wonder if he would translate well to live action. Like with Ahsoka they had to change her head piece. But anyway, I would still like to see him in live action.

🟢Taun We 🟢

I have been wondering what happened to her! When we were on Kamino the first time in Star Wars The Clone Wars I thought for sure we would see her. If you don’t remember her, she was the one who brought Obi-Wan Kenobi to Jango Fett in Star Wars ll: Attack of the Clone Wars. I am sad though that after all these years of wondering about Taun We they kill her. Ugh! 

🟢 Fennec Shand 🟢

I knew she was going to show up! She had to show up again. You can’t bring Fennec for only one episode. Seeing her in hand to hand combat is always a great sight to see. In The Mandalorian we see her sharpshooter skills, more than hand to hand. Actually, I do think she does do some in the episode where Din takes Grogu to the seeing stone.

🟢 Nala Se 🟢

From the first episode we see that she has a soft spot for Omega. It is confirmed in this episode because we now know that she hired Fennec Shand to make sure Omega stays safe. 

🟢 Kamino Clone 🟢

I thought it was pretty cool how they show how the Kaminoin’s keep their race going. The way they reproduce is by just making clones of themselves. When Omega sees a Kaminoin clone break from the glass I legit gave out a gasp. 

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