Star Wars The Bad Batch – “Common Ground” – Episode 10 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

I cannot believe there are only 4 more episodes left! Well. Either 4 or 6 episodes left. There are rumors only and no confirmation. So I am unsure. Either way, I am not ready for this to end. This episode was all about the Bad Batch having their ideology tested. 

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

You know, I will be honest. I feel not a lot happened in this episode. There was a lot of action which I am a huge fan of, but other than that there was not much else to it. But, like I said, it is still entertaining. I really do love all of the action that happened in this episode. The animation was fabulous.

🟢 Omega 🟢

We finally learned what her “mutation” is. She is a strategist. This was a little confusing to me that her being a great strategist is her mutation. I am confused at this because in the last episode we were told that she is a unmodified clone. To me that means they made an exact copy of Jango Fett and they did NOTHING to the clone. She is a “normal” kid just like everyone else. So I guess I am just not sure what the Kaminoin’s mean when they say she is an unaltered clone. It could mean many different things.

It was pretty funny to see Omega win Dejarik against so many people and made enough money to clear the Bad Batch’s debts. So now that Cid does not control them anymore, maybe now the story can continue forward. They no longer have to stay at Cid’s. I do not mind them being with Cid, but I do want the story to move forward a little bit. But, I do not mind after this storyline that they go back to her. That way next season will be similar to Star Wars The Clone Wars. I am excited to see where this story does end up.

🟢 Raxus 🟢

If the name Raxus rings a bell to you, you are right to feel that way. Raxus showed up in Star Wars The Clone Wars. Padme has Ahsoka smuggler her on the planet. So the separatists were always the bad guys, so it is interesting to see them being taken over by the Empire.

🟢 Echo 🟢

I think this was a pretty big episode for Echo. He is the one who trusts the separatists the least. They are the reason why he is the way he is. They captured Echo and made him more machine than man. This happened to Echo because the separatists used Echo to gain an advantage over the clone army. 

🟢 AT-TE 🟢

I thought it was very clever how everyone escaped Raxus. I also like that Singh hesitated before leaving his people. Even though we know him as a bad guy, he still did not want to leave his people behind. He wants to help them.

🟢 Hunter 🟢

I thought it was so cute that Hunter told Omega and Tech to go around to fight the other clones, but Omega was not there. It just goes to show that Hunter is attached to her, and that Omega is part of them. That she is not useless. She can hold her own.

🟢 Stun Guns 🟢

At first I was surprised that they were only stunning the clone troopers, but then it made sense to me. It made sense because they do not want to kill their own people. They know that what they are doing is not their fault. If I were them, I would be acting the same way. Even though the clones are trying to kill the Bad Batch, they still do not want to hurt them.

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