Star Wars The Bad Batch “Devil’s Deal” Episode 11 Review

📸: Lucasfilm

As the seeds of rebellion foment on an outer rim world, the Empire schemes to squash it.

🔴 Spoiler Spew 🔴

At first I was a bit bummed that the Bad Batch was not in this episode. I felt like this should have been in Star Wars Rebels and not in Star Wars The Bad Batch, but after a while I got over it. They did show Crosshair enough to make it feel like it was still a Bad Batch episode. BUT. We did get to see them for a brief second.

🟢 Hera Syndulla and Howzer 🟢

Man it was wonderful seeing Hera in this episode. Hera is one of my top favorite characters. I feel this is just one step closer to possibly seeing her on the big screen. You know, I would not mind at all seeing her come to life in the Star Wars Rangers show they said they would do. Yes I know production has been cancelled because of the whole Gina thing, but what if they re worked it and made it about Hera? I would NOT mind that at all. Anyway. . . 

Seeing Hera start off as a rebel spy at such a young age was great. We obviously know where she ends up, so it was nice to see the beginnings of her becoming a rebel.

Seeing Howzer be super friendly with Cham and the Syndulla family was a little bit of a head scratcher for me. I say this because I thought when Order 66 came into effect that all of the clones became more like robots. So with Howzer still being their friend kind of confused me a little bit. Maybe his relationship with the Syndulla’s is so powerful that the chip did not effect him as much? Yes I know that the chip is for Jedi, but when we see the order go into effect they all really do start to lose their free will and follow orders when told.

In Star Wars Rebels Hera tells us that her life was saved by Clone Troopers. This got me thinking that she could possibly be talking about the Bad Batch, OR she could have been talking about Howzer. When Hera was talking to Omega it really did feel like they had a moment together. So maybe Hera remembers this and calls on her and the Batch later? Or like I said, Howzer could have helped save her. I feel too either Howzer or the Batch gives Hera Ghost. . . Only time will tell.

🟢 Omega and The Bad Batch 🟢

When Omega was showing Hera around I felt like this was done for a reason. I am thinking that maybe later Omega and Hera meet up again. I liked when Omega was showing Hera that she lives on the ship and that she has her own room. You could just see Hera’s face light up.

You know, I did not understand why the Batch was doing another errand for Cid since their debts are paid. At first I did not understand, but then in my own head canon I felt the Batch just did it as one last thing for Cid, or they know of Ryloth and maybe they thought if they were wanting weapons it was for a good reason.

Also, I did find it funny that the Twi’leks did not tell the Batch what was going on. I felt if they told them what was happening then they would have went down to help them knowing that Crosshair was down there.

🟢 Ryloth 🟢

It was pretty sweet to see this episode take place on Ryloth. I am a HUGE fan of Twi’leks. It was sad to see that Cham was perfectly fine with the Empire taking over. He was really just saying the same spew that everyone else has been when the Empire comes to take over.

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